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To feel I am constantly fighting a battle against "stuff"

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Notcontent Thu 26-Dec-13 23:39:07

I should preface this by saying that i don't have a big house. Just a standard 3 bedroom.

But I feel like I am constantly putting things away, rearranging stuff to find new inventive ways to fit things in and in general trying to keep clutter to a minimum. Of course my dd is a huge contributor to the problem. I sometimes feel like things breed and multiply in her room!! grin

I did a quick post Christmas Day tidy up today and already have a bag of stuff to take to the charity shop (to make room for new things).

If you don't have a huge house with masses of storage, how do you cope?

TheDoctrineOfSanta Thu 26-Dec-13 23:40:14

You Are Not Alone.

I Have No Ideas.

TheNightIsDark Thu 26-Dec-13 23:42:06

Watching with hope confused

theeternalstudent Thu 26-Dec-13 23:43:00

same, same. My bedroom is a dumping ground yet again for the over spill from DD's room. I'll wait until she's back at school and take it all to a charity shop.

My house is just full of junk. Pisses me right off.

AnythingNotEverything Thu 26-Dec-13 23:43:45

If you look at the issue from the other side, maybe you have too much stuff? Would a big declutter make it easier?

BananaNotPeelingWell Thu 26-Dec-13 23:44:33

Vacuum storage bags are very good. I've even put soft toys in them.

MellowMarshmallow Thu 26-Dec-13 23:45:43

some days I seem to spend hours just shuttling between rooms (only a 3bed house) moving stuff back to the appropriate rooms.

WorraLiberty Thu 26-Dec-13 23:46:47

My house is fairly in it's bigger than the house I grew up in and bigger than the first property I bought.

But I've come to realise that the more storage space we have, the more shit we store so it's a never ending battle confused

Having 3 kids and a DH who wants to keep everything 'just in case' doesn't help either fangry

pixiepotter Thu 26-Dec-13 23:48:06

It is a relentless wat against clutter.I always think I should only bring something new into the house if I am going to throw something else out.

Ruprekt Thu 26-Dec-13 23:49:25

Buy less stuff? Am about to cull the boys books but keep special ones in the loft.

Magazines need to go.

Ornaments and tat need to go.

Only ornaments I possess are photos and candles....less dusting. Pile all papers up and sit and sort it.

Set a challenge that in January you will only buy food. smilesmilebrew

tethersend Thu 26-Dec-13 23:49:59

My house is like one of those slidy square puzzles where you just move the space around. If I tidy one room, the others are trashed grin

I've given up.

PosyNarker Thu 26-Dec-13 23:53:24

Nope, I have a 4 bed detached. There are two of us. We are still constantly fighting the war against stuff. It doesn't help that DP has an almost genetic predisposition to hoard, along with a bunch of rich ancestors who have passed on lots of useless shit stuff that's not worth as much as it once was and is therefore worth holding on to. I reckon this stuff takes up 6ft by 8ft and 4ft high and won't earn what I take home tax free in a month btw...

Catrin Thu 26-Dec-13 23:56:39

At the risk of stating the obvious…you have too much stuff!

Everyone's 'stuff' limit is variable, but if it affects your quality of living and winds you up, it is too much.
I found this out the hard way, by moving somewhere with no loft or garage, despite having 5 bedrooms. So no matter how big the house, 'stuff' cannot be hidden. I decluttered - a lot - and it made my life SO much easier. Other than Dc room, I rarely need to tidy, as I just don;t have things to tidy. I do not live in a minimalist house by any stretch, but I don;t have excess things. It is a Good Feeling.

Notcontent Thu 26-Dec-13 23:57:12

Glad it's not just me!
I started thinking that perhaps there is something wrong with me - because surely spending so much time trying to keep control of it all is not normal!! grin

I think my dd got very few Xmas presents compared to many children (going by some of the threads in mumsnet!!) but it's still too much stuff.

sykadelic15 Thu 26-Dec-13 23:58:09

I know some people who do that rule "If I haven't used/thought about it in X months I don't need it". Of course there are some exceptions (christmas/seasonal decorations etc).

My husband does the "just in case we need it" thing and i've found in many cases we can't find it/forgot we had it and ended up buying another one anyway.

I say go through one of the worst rooms soon to get an idea of what your situation really is. Kids clothes and toy's is a good example. Kitchenware is another great one (my mum has SO much cutlery it's insane really. You don't need that much, it just becomes habit). It's great to HAVE so many toys but some may be too old and selling some of the better items could be a nice little earner.

Caitlin17 Thu 26-Dec-13 23:58:17

Why are you buying presents for the nieces ?

Seabright Thu 26-Dec-13 23:58:34

Oh yes, me too. I have decided my New Year Challenge (don't like resolutions) is to use stuff up & not replace it & generally have less stuff.

I will try not to buy more wool, fabric or buttons. I will try not to buy more stationery. I will try not to pinch any more post-it's from work.

Caitlin17 Thu 26-Dec-13 23:58:39

Sorry wrong thread.

AHardDaysWrite Thu 26-Dec-13 23:58:40

Two words: ikea expedit. I would like a whole wall made of it...

ARealPickle Fri 27-Dec-13 00:01:04

Much much less stuff. We've gone through puzzles and given perfectly good puzzles away in order to make a bit more space in the cupboard (and just kept a few). We've put out a brio set, made a circuit that fits well in our sitting room (small) and given away the other box full, similar with books. Far too many books so halved them. Cut down the plastic cars/pull along toys to just a few rather than lots.

It "hurt" to give away perfectly good, useful, useable toys/things but honestly each time, each bit of shelf space or cupboard space was worth it as it created so much space and order.

It needs doing again though.

I've done similar with clothes - they have lots of lovely clothes (hand me downs mainly) but as there was so much choice they weren't wearing half of them, so again we've given away perfectly lovely clothes in the name of decluttering.

It's hard. I have had periods of not much at all and the instinct is to keep "just in case",and if we had a larger house I definitely would keep some more toys/books/clothes, but being that we are in a tiny house, I don't like feeling cramped, we have had to ruthlessly cull toys/things.

It's worth it though. When we chose Christmas presents we also limited with space in mind...

ARealPickle Fri 27-Dec-13 00:02:30

We did nearly a whole wall of "billy". We did the thinner bookcases (rather than the "double" ones) so we could put lots of shelves in, some cupboard fronts, vary it a bit. But yes. Storage.

ARealPickle Fri 27-Dec-13 00:02:54

Oh and the other wall has the trofast trays on it with labels...

Longdistance Fri 27-Dec-13 00:05:37

I feel your pain.

We have a 4 bed detached, and we're constantly tripping over stuff.

Our loft has been fully boarded, so we can keep crap stuff up there. It still looks a mess. My dd's are 2.6 and 4, and are always making such a mess.

I think a trip to the tip/charity shop is required. Had enough if this mess.

FreakinScaryCaaw Fri 27-Dec-13 00:06:51

I'm forever de-cluttering. Luckily there's a charity shop just around the corner.

I have friends who live in a mansion but even they get bogged down with 'stuff'. The DW is on decluttering at the moment so it's not just us in normal size houses.

I'm finding as dss are getting older their 'stuff' is getting smaller. I'm forever handing down their clothes too.

Notcontent Fri 27-Dec-13 00:08:49

I agree that good storage from ikea and decluttering helps.

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