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Family upset because I didn't buy my sister and her fiance xmas present

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bengal38 Thu 26-Dec-13 14:49:07

I didn't buy my younger sister who is 25 and her Fiance of the same age a Christmas present.

When it was my 2 kids (13 and 9) birthday my younger sister brought them nothing not even a birthday card. Even for Christmas she brought them nothing. She brought presents for her Fiances brothers kids and she brought my nephew a birthday/xmas present (in one - birthday is tomorrow) plus a Xmas present for my niece as well. Plus she brought for my cousins kids as well.

So should I of brought them presents knowing that my kids have got nothing off them.

My mum/dad did buy the kids birthday/xmas presents though but am I being selfish to think that my younger sister who is 25 and brought for other kids in the family a present.

domoarigato Fri 27-Dec-13 09:13:57

My bil didn't get us anything. We bought him, his horrid partner and 2 kids prezzies but they couldn't even buy our dd a gesture gift for her 1st xmas. Pathetic. Its dds birthday soon and we won't be getting a bday gift for her 1st from them im sure, let alone the xmas gifts we've been promised in the new year!

wouldbemedic Fri 27-Dec-13 11:56:41

I'm going to suggest that you don't turn this into World War 3. There's no point - it will be hassle all the way. Instead of inflaming the situation by telling your sister the consequences of her selfishness (I agree she's being rotten BTW) I would tell her why it hurts. If she has the maturity to listen instead of jumping on the defensive, you might realise it's been some kind of misunderstanding. Or give her a chance to realise she's been thoughtless and want to change. Nobody wants to hurt kids and I wouldn't think your sister is any different. The rest of your family should keep out of it, though. None of their business.

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