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I'm so stupid!

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dontwanttobefatandforty Wed 25-Dec-13 17:25:08

Only in aibu as I can't find chat, never posted from my phone before.
I am at present sat in a car park alone and bloody freezing because I have just walked out of the house over the most stupid of things but now feel so so stupid and will have ruined dinner as we haven't eaten yet. I just can't face going back! I don't know why I do these things, I regret when I do and I know it's an over reaction but I just can't seem to stop myself from doing it sad

Pancakeflipper Wed 25-Dec-13 19:03:17

Hope dinner was lovely.

I am a ex-stormer-outer. It's cringing isn't it once the temper has subsided? I find going to the loo with my kindle for 5mins calms me down a bit.

GodRestTEEMerryGenTEEmen Wed 25-Dec-13 19:07:49

Me too, I'm glad it worked out.

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