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I am v cross and don't know if I should be. Mother related!

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Mothersinarms Tue 24-Dec-13 20:32:41

We live abroad and DH is four months into a long trip away with work for about nine months. He also recently met Gary Barlow (ITV viewers will get the hint). grin
I have flown over with the four children to my mothers after some emotional blackmail and plenty of past history of her being a bit of a demanding pain in the bum.
I am now sitting here on my own on Christmas Eve because my granddad, who normally sleeps down here on Christmas Eve, isn't really well enough to come over and my mother "doesn't think he should wake up alone on Christmas morning" so she is sleeping at his house. They won't be back here until about 10.30am as Granddad is a "slow starter" in the mornings confused
Am I being unseasonable to allow the kids to open all their presents at 7am and start drinking Buck's Fizz before they get back? It's obviously not fun for someone old to wake up alone on Christmas morning but it's also not much fun for me. Granddad is far from deaths' door and it's a bad back which means he can't come and sleep in my mother's unfeasibly soft beds.

maddening Wed 25-Dec-13 09:32:10

She has stayed with her dad so he is not alone and you have 4 dc with you so you are not alone. It's only a few hours awake before they get there so don't see thr problem - if you hadn't come over you would be sat in your house as you are now but in an hour you will have you mum and grandad with you too - have a lovely Christmas and enjoy their company smile

AmberLeaf Wed 25-Dec-13 09:38:40

I think I get it, you have gone over to your Mums for christmas so you won't have to wake up 'alone' [as in no other adult, what with your DH being away] and now you are waking up alone in the end?

I can see why you feel put out, but don't let it spoil your day.

Merry Christmas. fsmile

MrsMook Wed 25-Dec-13 09:43:41

The important bit is that the OP lives abroard, has flown home to her "demanding pain in the bum"DM who has then gone for much of the morning. I'm guessing that the OP's first choice of festivities would have been with DH from the information given, but the mother has guilted OP into coming.

I'd pace the presents. 10.30 is a long time to be on standby with early rising, over-hyped children.

Cantabile Wed 25-Dec-13 14:28:21

DD used to play with her stocking stuff! Until dh was ready to let us open presents which could be as late as midday as he was a selfish arse. Once she was old enough to wait, he would be ready about 10. This morning it was 10.30 ish - she's 14 now though.

I think you were being ridiculous and finding problems where none existed.

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