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Is it possible to buy a house?

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fluffyduckie Tue 24-Dec-13 19:42:39

Not to sound whiny or totally pessimistic but is it possible to buy (and afford to run) a house as a single person with a job rather than a career?

I earn about 16 thousand (before deductions) a year and can't get a mortgage for enough to buy a home. sad I just want my own little home - a little cosy nest.

fluffyduckie Sun 29-Dec-13 09:16:23

I know a garden is technically a luxury but I managed to grow quite a lot last year - for example can't afford to buy purple sprouting broccoli from the supermarket but managed to grow loads at home. If my wages don't change I can't imagine that I would move house again especially as once I am paying a mortgage there won't be much spare to save. So it sort of feels like I would be giving up a garden forever.

I am not far off 20% of £75000 but there would be fees and moving costs which would reduce that.

Think I need a strict budget! Oh and to set up a bottom drawer!

Chunderella Sun 29-Dec-13 12:00:28

A garden isn't a luxury, not if you consider it to be an essential. If it's a deal breaker for you, there's nothing wrong in that. It just means you may have to make sacrifices elsewhere, whether it's a different area, spending more time at home to get a larger deposit or paying more in interest to the bank long term because the house is dearer. And you're right that a garden might save you money elsewhere, though I also echo the suggestion of an allotment. Actually my uncle and auntie did this a couple of years back, they downsized to a terrace with a small yard where they have flowers, pots etc. Then he grows his veg in an allotment down the road. Works for them. but if it doesn't for you, it doesn't and that's that.

Yes I think you need a budget! Another year of tough saving at home would probably see you in a good position, though.

poii10 Sun 29-Dec-13 12:58:45

Round here 3 good sized bedrooms fully refurb bathroom, kitchen. fully decorated, back and front garden safe area £85,000.

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