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to expect primary schools not to show PG films without parents' say so

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earlycomputers Wed 18-Dec-13 22:10:31

I am pretty lenient with what my kids see but it bristles with me that their school just makes them watch 2 hour length PG rated films without first checking whether we mind about the content. My DD (year 3) watched Arthur Christmas today and whilst I don't mind her watching this, I would imagine some stricter parents would object to the alcohol and sex references. When my DD was in Reception, they watched a U rated film which whilst it was a 'U' still left some of the class in tears. Another one they watched on a previous year was Nanny McPhee (don't know if it was 1 or 2) and I recall there was mild swearing in it.

Firstly - why can't schools just show something for an hour rather than 2 hours - surely that's a home treat prerogative for the parents to manage? Secondly, if they must show a long film why can't it be a U rating?
If I take my DD's friends out with her to the cinema, I take pains to tell the friends' parents I will be taking them to a U rated film because I am wary of other parents' levels of strictness about film watching - (my dd is 7).

Rufustherednosedreindeer Thu 19-Dec-13 12:12:23

You need to come back OP

I really need to know where the sex references are in Arthur Christmas

If you don't come back I will have to tell my three to rewatch it (only saw it on Saturday) and find the sex bits for mummy.

I don't want to have that conversation

TheBigJessie Thu 19-Dec-13 15:52:54

ComposHat Oh dear...I am a primary school teacher and I was going to show my class Strap on Sally 3.

Might some parents object?

shock They need to watch the films in chronological sequence! Get Strap on Sally, otherwise it might be confusing for the poor children. Think of the children!

SinisterBuggyMonth Thu 19-Dec-13 18:51:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southeastastra Thu 19-Dec-13 18:55:24

i don't particularly like the idea of sticking them in front of films for hours as they seem to now do in primary schools. there must be hundred of other activities they can do and have fun with.

though at my school we were only allowed to celebrate with one afternoon christmas party then bought in our own games on the last day grin

soverylucky Thu 19-Dec-13 19:04:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SootikinAndSweep Thu 19-Dec-13 19:06:44

I don't understand why you have a problem with the length of a film, OP.

BeerTricksPotter Thu 19-Dec-13 19:13:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HOMEQCRICH Thu 19-Dec-13 19:21:37

Gosh I can remember my school youth club screening Halloween. .. I was 12.. and had to sleep on my mum and dads floor for the first time in years.. what were they thinking. .

Wellthen Thu 19-Dec-13 19:32:28

YAB hugely U.

There are very few U films that year 5 and 6 children want to watch.

I have never met a teacher who shows more than 1 film in the last week of term, unless 1 is related to the curriculum and in those cases they often don't watch the whole thing, just relevant parts.

Parents values are important but they have to be reasonable. If you don't want your children to hear ANY swearing or references to sex, drugs, alcohol, then don't send them to school. Home ed. These things are part of life and quite rightly. You can't keep them away from swearing etc for years and years and then suddenly let them out. They need gradual introduction to it so they have time to learn in a safe environment and under the guidance with adults. If a 10 year old can't deal with words like crap or bloody (which I would consider mild swearing) then they will find secondary school very difficult.

Also, the people saying 'why show films, do other stuff' - we do. We make cards, we make calendars, we play Christmas maths games, do Christmas writing. The kids get tired, the classroom disappears under glitter and bits of card and its really hard to find something fun that they all enjoy. Films are popular with most children and they are calm activities for those who are so wound up over Christmas that they either misbehave or burst into tears.

ItsIgginningToLookALotLikeXmas Thu 19-Dec-13 19:41:15

Arthur is a pg (Dudley Moore one, not sure about the remake) - perhaps OP was mixed up with that?
Or maybe they showed another James Mcavoy one by mistake - The Last King of Scotland would upset a few weans.

Diamondsareagirls Thu 19-Dec-13 19:43:17

If you don't trust the school to be making these judgement calls then you shouldn't be sending your child there. As other posters have said, they legally have the parental responsibility for your child when they are in school. Oh, and this is a ridiculous thing to be getting bothered about btw. smile

Rufustherednosedreindeer Thu 19-Dec-13 21:39:14

Well OP is not bloody coming back is she! Might go and look for her on another thread or is that stalking?

Well off to put Arthur Christmas on

OP you are being very very very very very very unreasonable!!!!! To not come back obviously

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