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Viruses are good for you

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Edenviolet Wed 18-Dec-13 20:03:16


Took ds1 and 2 to gp today. Ds1 for the second time in four weeks and ds2 for the sixth time in four weeks.

Both have had temperatures, coughs, sore throats and earache and have had calpol and nurofen daily for four weeks and still have temperatures. I think they need antibiotics but gp said no then told me that "viruses are good for them, the more they get the stronger their immune system will be"

Utter rubbish.

Viruses are Not good for you. Dd2 got "just a virus" last year and ended up seriously unwell and with diabetes because of it. I am really annoyed that they keep dismissing us and say things like this when in fact viruses can actually cause a lot of harm

YANBU that viruses aren't good for you - I got one at 21 that ended up giving me Rheumatoid Arthritis. But YABU to expect antibiotics if it isn't bacterial. Anti Virals and Anti Biotics can have nasty side effects and can cause as much damage as not taking them, so the doctor probably has good reason not to prescribe.

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