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To understand how it feels to feel shit about Christmas

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Gossipmonster Wed 18-Dec-13 15:12:41

Normally love Christmas even as a single parent always had other family to spend it with - have never been the only adult with my DC.

This yr OH is away working (we won't be able to speak) all family gone abroad and I didn't go as thought OH would be home.

Arranged Xmas day with mate who has now let me down at the 11th hour with lame excuse.

It will all be down to me and while I love my DC massively and will pull out all the stops to make sure they have a great day, I can't have a drink with them and it is not their job to support or make it fun or special for me.

First time in my life I just want to bury my head somewhere and wish Xmas would just be over already as I am sick of hearing carols, about family get together and about family being together.

I guess I am lucky I have never felt like this at Xmas before and makes me feel like adopting all the lonely people every Christmas.

Is it just me or are there other Christmas dreaders out there?

fackinell Wed 18-Dec-13 16:37:01

That poor family with the little girl that died. sad

I'm at risk of sounding a bit Pollyanna here but if its adult company you crave, why not volunteer for a few hrs in Christmas Day? Helping hand out meals to the homeless or in a care home having a few board games or chat with the elderly. Your teens may be happy to do something worthwhile with part of their Christmas.

My friend spent last Christmas in a hotel room alone as her family made excuses not to see her and she was a live in nanny not too welcome there either. I was too far away for her to visit.

I'm always thankful when Christmas Day arrives that the people I love are seeing another Christmas. It's nice to try and see he positives but it must be tough for you.

goodasitgets Wed 18-Dec-13 16:40:10

I'm not celebrating it this year. Feels a bit weird but I'm just praying for it to be over and 2014 to hurry up sad

LucyBabs Wed 18-Dec-13 16:48:42

I understand. Christmas is so hard for some of us.
Both my parents died this year.

I have two young dc though and it's all about them.
I am looking forward to the excitement Santa brings but it will be a lonely day without two very important people.

Gossipmonster Wed 18-Dec-13 17:05:15

I think that's it it's lonely as the onus is all on you.

I find the people who don't get it are the ones who have never done it.

I would consider volunteering but my job involves supporting a lot of people with emotional issues and it would be nice to have a day off doing that!

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