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To think DH shouldn't pay his ex?

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BruthasTortoise Tue 17-Dec-13 20:41:30

DSSs live with us, DSS1 stays with his mum 2 nights a week and goes to school from her house. Today DSSs mum sent a huge ranting text about how she was sick of DH not providing for DSS and how she would no longer be giving him dinner money on the days she has him. This came as news to us as DSS gets his 5 days dinner money at the start of the week. Turns out he had been telling his Mum he had no money then pocketing the £10 she was giving him and using it to buy sweets and crap after school. Their mum is now demanding that DH refund her £100 or so she has paid out this year.
Now DH is going to have a stern word with DSS, come up with a suitable punishment and has told their mum to sell some of his belongings at her house to pay back the money but doesn't think he (DH that is) should have to pay the money. Their mum is now saying she won't have money to get them anything for Christmas if DH doesn't pay. AIBU to think its not DH's responsibility to pay this money back?

BruthasTortoise Wed 18-Dec-13 19:07:56

And no I didn't hear the call, DH showed me the text message.

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