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to wonder why some parents bothered turning up to the nativity?

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oodyboodyboocs Tue 17-Dec-13 18:23:21

Just been to my ds's Christmas production. The school had hired a lorry, it was all lit up with a stage in front in the school playground. You could see the kids had all worked really hard. I was looking forward to it as it is his last year in primary and he had some lines to say.

Sadly I was unable to hear a single word he or any of the other children said due to the noise of the large number of parents who talked all the way through. I was able to hear some of the songs, but even parts of those were drowned out by the buzz of conversation. One parent near me even started shouting her child's name in the middle of one child's part!

So AIBU to think that it is unbelievably rude to talk all the way through the production especially when the kids have worked so hard on it?

I'm really disappointed to have stood freezing in the playground for 45 mins seeing my son and others standing up there speaking in front of all those people (there was a huge crowd) only for them to be drowned out by the people who are supposed to be there to support them. sad angry

storynanny Tue 17-Dec-13 21:59:19

Actually thinking about the original post, I can imagine the discussion in the staff room in September. Yes that's how long ahead it all has to be planned.
"What shall we do this Christmas to avoid the moaning about not enough room, tickets etc and get round the problem of talkative parents and boisterous toddlers? Let's get a lorry and have it in the playground"

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