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to spend all the time on MN and ignore the MASSIVE pile of presents...

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TheLostWinchesterWife Tue 17-Dec-13 16:10:24

...that I have to wrap up? DH has been on at me for a week to wrap the presents. He is claiming that he is only trying to help me by driving me bonkers telling me every time he opens his mouth reminding me that my priority is wrapping all the kids presents, my parents, our nephews and niece's, other children we buy for and if I have time his DD's.
If he wanted to help he could, oh I don't know...*wrap some presents*!!
He just doesn't want me staying up til 1am Christmas morning wrapping.
Before anyone says anything, I have wrapped one of the DCs presents (as in one of the children not one, single, lonely giftwrapped box amongst the ridiculous amount of others)
He is lovely and works and I am a SAHM but its the constant 'Have you got much wrapping done?' when I also have all the usual stuff to do.
So AIBU to just tell him I was involved in a very in depth debate on MN and unfortunately I can't wrap anything and he'll have to do some now?

raisah Tue 17-Dec-13 22:11:17

Stick Love Actually DVD on & take a roll of paper, sellotape & pile of presents each & both of you wrap while watching TV. Try & do a few each night while watching telly so it's not a chore.

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