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To be annoyed with DH for being a misery when ill?

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HoleyGhost Tue 17-Dec-13 13:14:54

Every time he has a cold he turns into a dementor - sighing and speaking a miserable voice and maintaining a pained expression. He is not ill enough to take time off work or see a GP, just enough to suck all the joy from the festive season.

I am fed up with it. I don't wallow when ill, neither do the dc. I just want him to go to bed and stay there until he can interact normally.


DoingItForMyself Wed 18-Dec-13 12:22:35

My DP had man flu last week, I took care of him (as I always do) and was very sympathetic while secretly thinking he was making a meal of it .

This week I have caught it and it is HORRIBLE! He's been lovely, making me tea, sorting the kids' lunch boxes and getting us takeaways for dinner, but he does like to joke that I have the milder 'woman flu' version which is not as debilitating as the men's variety.

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