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To be furious!!!

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MamaPingu Tue 10-Dec-13 19:11:52

I was in the bath with DS who is 13 weeks old. Me and DP bath with him sometimes then the other lifts him out dries him and gets him warm.

So tonight I get in the bath with DS and DP goes and watches tv for 5 minutes after refusing to do the pots, brilliant start.

Me and DS are having a lovely time he's kicking like mad and smiling. After a good 10 minutes I started shouting DP thinking he'd forgot. So I kept shouting over and over and banging on the glass wondering where he was.
So I filled the bath with more warm water as he was getting cold. Another 10 minutes passed and DS was getting cold again and was fed up. So I shouted and shouted and no reply. I had to get on my knees in the bath and get out with him as careful as I could which is dangerous in my opinion it's easy to slip in a bath.

I wrapped him up as quick as I could and walked into the living room pissed off. He wasn't there, I went up the stairs and he was fast asleep on the bed!!!! angry

I am absolutely furious I shouted for him to get up and told him how we'd been waiting ages and could have slipped getting out of the bath.
He said "I told you I was tired sad" in a whingy tone

What a moron!!!! I am fuming angry

MrsGarlic Thu 12-Dec-13 13:33:19

norudeshitrequired at night he would sleep on my chest, I would sleep too because needs must, but it was hardly comfortable, plus I still had to sit up and feed him during the night (hadn't mastered feeding lying down at that stage). During the day, no, I didn't sleep. I didn't find it TOO bad other than the nights where he decided to wake every hour and I felt a bit zombie-like. I am truly amazed at how little sleep I managed to live off and still be active TBH. He is 11 months old now and usually goes to bed around 8pm, I feed him at 11pm (when I go to bed) and 5am then a breakfast feed at 8am. It is heavenly, although I appreciate other women might find it hard. We are all different.

Norudeshitrequired Thu 12-Dec-13 21:35:17

Yes we are all different.
I suppose I just assumed that all babies sleep at some point as mine did, although it was often on my husband. One of my babies suffered terrible colic and could only sleep on one of us as it seemed to soothe his tummy enough for him to settle. My husband is a terrible fidgety sleeper, but when baby was sleeping on him he never moved an inch; I used to peel baby off my husbands tummy when they were both in a very deep sleep and put baby in the crib. After the colicky stage was over baby slept very well at night in the crib and for a couple of hours during the day too. I suppose I was just lucky after the colic stage and so I have no real understanding of what it's like to live with a baby who doesn't sleep much or a husband Who is useless.

drudgetrudy Thu 12-Dec-13 21:58:40

I would be irritated at him not doing what he said he would and not bothering to tell me but its not worth an argument, you both need some sleep and the pots will wait

MrsGarlic Thu 12-Dec-13 22:01:42

See if I ever tried to peel my sleeping son off me he'd wake up and scream fsad

Norudeshitrequired Thu 12-Dec-13 22:10:47

Mrs Garlic - did your baby like sleeping on his back alone? My baby would only sleep on me or hubby or on his back in his crib for more than 10 minutes. And yes, I am well aware that babies are not supposed to sleep on their backs or in bed with their parents (on their parents), but for some babies there is no choice (especially as he would scream and try to turn over if lay on his tummy alone)

MrsGarlic Thu 12-Dec-13 22:47:07

He was fine once I figured out how to feed lying down... he would then feed to sleep and settle on his back and was fine. However if I ever tried to lift him into his cot, at any point in his sleep cycle, he would wake either immediately or within 15 minutes. He still does. It was bizarre, perhaps the mattress wasn't comfortable for him? Either way we now still cosleep and he does go to sleep on his front. I believe it's fine to put babies down on their fronts once they are able to roll, anyway.

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