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As a dashing individual, Aibu to think it's...

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Caff2 Mon 09-Dec-13 23:39:24

...kind of tough to tell a scruff the great mistake he's making?

RoseRedder Tue 10-Dec-13 01:11:46

bit of sun cream is much more effective (and whiter)

TotallyBursar Tue 10-Dec-13 01:34:08

Oh <happy sigh> I was at a rather confused point of not only wanting to do norty things with him, I also wanted to be him a bit.
I think I am meant to be a post-punk/new waver that looks like a new romantic... in my soul like.

Sadly, I suffer from a lack of satin under crackers and frilly shirts.

ShylaMcClaus Tue 10-Dec-13 01:42:50

On behalf of Zing I totally agree grin

But seriously (as serious as we can be on such a thread) - I had the same confusion.

<paints an equal sign in red lipstick on cheek>
<snogs self>

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Tue 10-Dec-13 02:22:27

Michael Praed as Robin of Sherwood

I definitely went for the dark, chiselled look didn't I? Funny thing is, dh is nothing like that - much fairer, he looked more like Liam Gallagher when I met him (who I hated confused )

<detracting from Prince Charming banter, but liking late night chat about 80's crushes>

RoseRedder Tue 10-Dec-13 02:47:34

I might be making this up but I'm sure I'm not

Adam ANt wore the white stripe as a homage to his grandparent who was native american

I think is kings of the wild frontier song contained the lines

Down below those dandy clothes
Your just a shade to white

I feel beneath the white
There is a redskin suffering
From centuries of taming...

This maybe an urban myth but I could swear I heard him talking about this on something like the tube back in the 80's

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