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To drive to the hospital where DiL is

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reelingaroundthechristmastree Mon 09-Dec-13 00:37:27

having my very PFGD? grin

(I won't really but I so want to)

HavantGuard Mon 09-Dec-13 00:40:01

Don't even joke! Congratulations.

reelingaroundthechristmastree Mon 09-Dec-13 00:40:45

I am more excited than when my own three were borned!

olgaga Mon 09-Dec-13 00:40:57

Ahh! Sit tight, though it's such a madly exciting and important time The best thing you can do for the three of them is just be at their beck & call!

Good luck x

Donki Mon 09-Dec-13 00:46:01

If you were to turn up (like my MiL) with several other relatives about 30 minutes after the birth and whilst DiL was still in the delivery suite, and insisted on seeing PFGD because you have your aged aunt with you you would definitely be being unreasonable.

11 years on and I still haven't forgotten that DH insisted that I let them in...

reelingaroundthechristmastree Mon 09-Dec-13 00:48:06

Hmmmm, maybe I should have put <<lighthearted>> in the title.

That sounds awful Donki. shock

I won't do that!

Donki Mon 09-Dec-13 00:50:25

I am sure that you have much more sense! smile

TheZeeTeam Mon 09-Dec-13 00:51:15

You so should....just so your DIL can come on MN and moan about her crazy MIL who turned up at the birth!! grin

Donki Mon 09-Dec-13 00:51:57

Yup - 11 years on, too! fgrin

bellabelly Mon 09-Dec-13 00:52:04

aWWW, congratulations! I am sooooo looking forward to being a grandparent (my eldest ones - twins - are only 6).

reelingaroundthechristmastree Mon 09-Dec-13 00:52:51

I just want to go and listen inside outside the door and offer to help!

BUT I WON'T, Oh noe.

reelingaroundthechristmastree Mon 09-Dec-13 01:10:50

Come on you late night bastards, tell me it's totes R for me to get on down there!

Mogz Mon 09-Dec-13 01:19:01

Sit tight grandma! grin best wishes that everything goes perfectly and you get to snuggle with the new baby soon... But not too soon!

reelingaroundthechristmastree Mon 09-Dec-13 01:22:47

It all goes so quickly, DS is only 23 and DiL 24 (just).

They are so young, I can still 'feel' his hand in mine iyswim?

IneedAsockamnesty Mon 09-Dec-13 01:25:58

Well its totally reasonable but only if you fancy having a placenta thrown at your head and never being forgiven.

IneedAsockamnesty Mon 09-Dec-13 01:26:37

Does that help? fgrin

reelingaroundthechristmastree Mon 09-Dec-13 01:31:02

Maybe I'll just stay where I am.

and get to the hospital at opening time And visit when I am asked.

God, this is going to be a long night for me, not DP, he is snoring gently next to me the BASTARD!

K8Middleton Mon 09-Dec-13 01:32:29

Nah get straight down there and position yourself at the business end on a lawn chair with snacks.

Then ask her to hurry up.


BillyBanter Mon 09-Dec-13 01:33:42

Pop down with some bed socks or other essential item and say "I know that you wouldn't think to pack them yourself but they are an absolute savour trust me" and wrestle them on her even if the midwives object.

reelingaroundthechristmastree Mon 09-Dec-13 01:41:28


Thank you <<grabs car keys and a bag of peanuts>>

nessus Mon 09-Dec-13 01:44:56

Congratulations RATCT! Get some sleep and hold tight. Who knows they might name her after you!

reelingaroundthechristmastree Mon 09-Dec-13 01:45:52

BillyBanter, the midwives would need to be well hard to keep me away!

<<scaredy-cat really>> smile

reelingaroundthechristmastree Mon 09-Dec-13 01:48:28

Fucking hope they DON'T name her after me, poor little thing.

MummyBeerestCupOfCheerest Mon 09-Dec-13 01:49:44

My mother asked me to schedule my induction around her assigned work holidays as she had booked them in anticipation of DD's birth.

So you seem less U.

holidaysarenice Mon 09-Dec-13 01:56:36

Make cake whilst you wait!! - will also give you a reason to visit sooner!!

They can't turn down cake....can they?

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