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AIBU to have a poo in the evening?

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Loftyjen Sun 08-Dec-13 23:47:23

DH claims poo'ing in the evening (after 10pm) is abnormal & that it is weird and IBU to do it.
tbh, I poo when I have time/am able to & with a 3 yo & 3 wo this is most often when he's around, but I don't deliberately hang on until the evening.

He claims that most people are like him & will hold into it rather than poo in the evening - according to him, all poo'ing should be done in the morning (ideally mid-morning going by his w/e habits) & that variation in the time of day that I go is weird & I should just hold on & go in the morning (like him).

Please reassure me that he's the weird one who's BU wink

HOMEQCRICH Wed 11-Dec-13 19:17:13

This thread is just too funny!! How can you hold on?? Sometimes I may get a faint gurgle where I think 'hang on think I will need to go soon..' but mostly its fairly urgent.. The phrases 'touching cloth' and 'tortoise head' apply within seconds of feeling the urge. I am fortunate that I am usually a once a day kind of person usually within 10 mins of waking up. Often i play the cup of tea challenge and see if I can finish making my tea before having to dash.. I usually complete the tea but it can be a close call..

However this is not an exact science.. the ten minute rule almost never applies when I stay at my dp's house. I usually leave there within half an hour of waking not wanting to go until about 5 minutes into my car journey home I then have to negotiate rush hour, feeling clammy hot and cold, with my hair standing on end in a blind panic and praying for no more red lights!!

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