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To think that if you can't control your children, you shouldn't come to hotels?

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HomeIsWhereTheGinIs Sun 08-Dec-13 11:48:17

DH and I are currently staying at a very nice boutique hotel in the countryside. It's been a hell of a busy year and so the idea was to treat ourselves to a couple of days somewhere luxurious and to do lots of reading and sleeping. However, we're staying at a place that's converted old outbuildings into suites, two suites to a building. And the family next door have the two noisiest children on the face of the planet.

Yesterday morning we were working up by the children shrieking to one another and then for their mother (it appeared she'd pushed them out into the communal stairwell to play). A phone complaint later to reception and the noise ceased (and they glared at us every time they passed us in the hotel). But damage done, we were already awake (and given that I am exhausted all the time from this pregnancy, it was awful not being able to go back to sleep). Yesterday evening, exactly the same thing. Screaming children sent to "play" on the stairs and landing outside our room where they screamed, ran around and then got into an actual fight (complete with shouted insults and wails for a parent). It happened again this morning at 7am (there goes our lie-in) and this time the call to reception had no effect.

I'm really cross that I haven't been able to have a lie-in because of their lazy parenting. I remember going to hotels with my family when I was small and my mother coming down on me very hard when I was too loud and in danger of disturbing the other guests. They're the only children at the hotel and their running and screaming in the library yesterday was attracting frowns from every other couple there. AIBU to hate the parents of the noisy brats for being so selfish and entitled? My feeling is that when you have kids, you don't get to just ignore behaviour that might be ruining an experience for other people.

HomeIsWhereTheGinIs Tue 17-Dec-13 12:19:23

My apologies that I disappeared completely from this thread - I was sitting back and watching with interest and have learnt various things from this post (such as what to call POs!).

I'm glad that so many people seem to think that the children shouldn't have been turfed out and thank you, those of you who were kind enough to say that you didn't think IWBU. And also for those of you that thought it was a good idea to intend to bring up children with some manners. For what it's worth, I will try to bring my children up to be polite and respectful. And if they're being noisy I'll take the advice of some posters here and take them out for a walk or distract them (note the use of the word try in all this) because nothing is worse than a badly-behaved child than one with parents making no attempt to stop it. But I can guarantee I'll never just shove them outside where they won't bother me but will bother other people.

I have to say, this thread has made me love MN - thank you all! Some of you were very kind - and it did make me feel better about the weekend to know that I wasn't just being a pregnant grouch!

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