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to be in utter shock

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wontletmesignin Sun 08-Dec-13 10:19:29

7am my neighbour knocked asking me to go over. I did!
She has bi polar disorder and was very irrational.
I left when the police came. She knocked a while later and ended up starting on m so i shut the door on her. Then she was cuffed.

She has now been arrested, there is a riot van and everything. I feel awful, i was trying to help but obviously didnt!
She tried getting me to help get her partner arressted. He was in bed. She tried telling the police i know what he is like, but i dont. I barely know any of them. She is the one i can hear shouting, i hear him trying to calm her down

I dont know how im going to look at her again when she gets out of hospital.

wontletmesignin Sun 08-Dec-13 13:32:18

Thank you. Yes i can do that. That sounds good. Im sure she would like it too. smile
That way, if she does remember, she will know there are no hard feelings.

I really hope she is feeling better very soon, and hopefully back home for christmas!

XmasLogAndHollyOn Sun 08-Dec-13 13:37:01

Good plan. Something like "I'm sorry that x is poorly at the moment. Let me know when she's up for visitors and I'll send her a little something."
I know DH would have appreciated that kind of thing.

GimmeDaBoobehz Sun 08-Dec-13 16:00:56

It does sound really difficult, especially if you aren't used to mental illness. Even if you are, sometimes episodes can be really distressing.

I do not personally know anyone with bipolar, but I have had a lot of experience with depression in my family and myself, as I've also had it and had it reoccur. I also have been in a school where there were quite a few students who had mental health issues along with learning difficulties that resulted in delusions. Some were just part of their learning difficult i.e. biting, but it's hard to understand even when you have been around it.

You haven't done anything wrong. For a start you need to keep your children and yourself safe. Chances are she wouldn't have behaved violently, but sometimes it's not worth taking that risk.

You also don't know the woman very well and don't know her circumstances, so it's understandable you didn't want to get too involved.

She'll go into hospital and they will give her the right medication and aftercare to hopefully prevent something like this happening again.

I doubt she'll remember the ins and out, because she'll probably feel a bit spaced out about the whole incident. But even if she does, she'll be in a better mental state to have a rational conversation with you if and when that situation happens.

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