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Which supermarket party food bits would you recomend?

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FestiveFeelings Sat 07-Dec-13 18:42:51

I am luckily enough to live close to most of the big four supermarkets so can pick and chose which party food to buy.

Also have Lidl and Aldi not far away.

What are the best bits of all the party food ranges?

misskatamari Sat 07-Dec-13 18:49:20

Ooooh watching with anticipation as even tho chrimbo is just me and DH I really want a party food buffet!!

whatareyoueventalkingabout Sat 07-Dec-13 22:16:51


volestair Sun 08-Dec-13 00:03:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WestmorlandSausage Sun 08-Dec-13 00:05:55

Depends what you mean by party food.

We had some delicious breadcrumbed garlic mushrooms with garlic mayo from M&S the other day.... but they wouldn't be so good if they were part of a buffet people might be dipping in and out of for a few hours.

WorraLiberty Sun 08-Dec-13 00:07:06

Also watching with interest for our Christmas Eve buffet fgrin

JRmumma Sun 08-Dec-13 00:11:11

Got some mini pizzas from Iceland a few weeks back that were quite nice

LittleprincessinGOLDrocks Sun 08-Dec-13 00:14:32

We had some nice bits from Iceland last year - their Indian banquets are usually pretty good.

Mrswellyboot Sun 08-Dec-13 00:16:07

I like the light garlic bread from aldi. It available all year and it is great.

I would go to marks for the rest. Can I join you fgrin

chirpchirp Sun 08-Dec-13 00:18:41

I've just polished off some Asda duck and hosin spring rolls, £2 for 18, they were delicious.

WorraLiberty Sun 08-Dec-13 00:21:25

Oh I tried the prawn toast from Iceland the other day and they were really nice.

AlbertoFrog Sun 08-Dec-13 00:23:02

I can recommend Bibbity bobbity prawns (or some such thing) and duck spring rolls from Iceland at £1 a bag. We got them last minute for DS's birthday tea and they went down a storm.

Oh bugger, I'm hungry now grin

stretch Sun 08-Dec-13 00:23:29

Sainsbury's duck spring rolls are lovely.

AlbertoFrog Sun 08-Dec-13 00:26:31

I can recommend Bibbity bobbity prawns (or some such thing) and duck spring rolls from Iceland at £1 a bag. We got them last minute for DS's birthday tea and they went down a storm.

Oh bugger, I'm hungry now grin

youaremychocolatecake Sun 08-Dec-13 00:26:43

Tescos party food is all BOGOF at the moment and they have some lovely bits. I can also vouch for the duck spring rolls from Iceland. Chocolate cherry cups are yummy too x

AlbertoFrog Sun 08-Dec-13 00:27:20

Oops blush

too much red wine obviously

EnianShelZman Sun 08-Dec-13 00:35:20

We just had a selection of Sainsbury Christmas snacks, the guests had enjoyed it, especially the coconut prawns fans the prawns in spring roll batter. They sell them 2 for 5 pounds, but often reduce to 99p at the end of the day, you can freeze them and just bang in the oven when needed.

EnianShelZman Sun 08-Dec-13 00:36:20

Oups, too much wine and phone do not mix!

SantaRedLegs Sun 08-Dec-13 00:39:42

I would say Asda mozzarella dippers but if everyone finds out about them then there won't be any left for me sad

I luffs them. I have them with sweet chilli sauce. I've just had a huge salad but I now want to go and raid the freezer for them.

Please don't buy them for your buffet. Please grin

revivingshower Sun 08-Dec-13 01:57:41

Last year I liked those little mini ice cream cones and were useful for dd when she needed a tiny pudding.

HerlockSholmes Sun 08-Dec-13 02:01:51

i love morrissons mini chicken curry samosas from the deli bit. i buy them just to munch for dinner. they are lovely cold so good for a buffet.

in fact anything from morrissons deli is pretty good.

Rosencrantz Sun 08-Dec-13 02:03:10

ASDA's are soooooo good! Spring rolls!

Dolcelatte Sun 08-Dec-13 06:38:23

M & S - fabulous selection (especially the pork cracking and scallops in mint pea puree), and offering 3 for 2 on party food at the moment.

bragmatic Sun 08-Dec-13 07:37:50

big plate of marshmallows. Trust me.

FortyMerryFuckers Sun 08-Dec-13 07:44:30

I love m&s party food,

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