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AIBU to be incredibly disappointed and think you all lied to me?

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I did a maintenance wash on my washing machine yesterday.

There were not mountains of bubbles. There were no bubbles.

I blame all of you for my disappointment.

valiumredhead Sat 07-Dec-13 14:36:31

Give it a while and it'll start stinking as all the gunk got dislodgedgrin

AnnieLobeseder Sat 07-Dec-13 14:37:59

How does one do a maintenance wash?

I ran it empty on 95, Annie.

How long awhile? I've already done more laundry in it since I ran the maintenance one!

NorbertDentressangle Sat 07-Dec-13 14:39:26

I did one on my dishwasher once.

Added some bleach to an empty machine, switched it on and believe me there were bubbles shock.

AnnieLobeseder Sat 07-Dec-13 14:57:13

95? Mine won't go hotter than 60.

<comes back after checking>

Oh, yes, apparently it does, but it has never come up as the start temp on any of the cycles I use.

I suspect I don't need a maintenance wash anyway cos we use soap nuts and vinegar, so there's nothing to do the gunking. In fact, I rather rely on the vinegar to keep the innards of my machine sparkly clean.

soaccidentprone Sat 07-Dec-13 15:00:14

Annie, I use soap nuts and vinegar too, but usually add a couple of drops of lavender oil or similar too so that the house smells nice when they are drying smile

Probably not, Annie, as the point is to get the gunky soapy stuff out.

But we do use a water softener thing, so maybe that also prevents gunking.

I am still very disappointed, however.

Heartbrokenmum73 Sat 07-Dec-13 15:04:11

Well, I feel lied to by Calgon!

They have a long list of brand names on their box, who apparently recommend them.

We got a new washing machine, a Bosch, and it specifically said in the booklet that there was no need for anything that removes limescale.

So who is lying - Calgon or Bosch???


I flipped a coin. Not really.

DurhamDurham Sat 07-Dec-13 15:21:50

Maintenance wash? I have never done this, I'm 43 and had 3 washing machines since I moved out of my parents at 18.

Should I start now to prevent imminent destruction of my washing machine? grin

BoohPear Sat 07-Dec-13 15:25:37

My washing machine instruction booklet advises you to do a maintenance wash every 40 washes. There's a special combination of buttons you have to press to set it going. <taps finger on side of nose knowingly>

Yes, Durham. Do it forthwidth!

Booh do you keep a diary. "Today is wash 32."?

My machine might have a combination that does it but I'll never know as it's some weird brand my cheap landlord installed.

I should be grateful it washes clothes.

DurhamDurham Sat 07-Dec-13 15:29:52

Well now I know I'm supposed to do it I am panicking about the fact that I have never done. ( neither has dh, as far as I know)

Will do it now, to think if I had done it all along I might still be using washing machine number 2.....

BoohPear Sat 07-Dec-13 15:30:19

Nah, my plan is to do it once a month... But I think we've had it nearly two now and I've not done one yet. blush

lljkk Sat 07-Dec-13 15:39:05

DH got knickers in a twist about must-have a maintenance wash recently; no impact whatsoever on anything but our Lekki bill (in theory)! We use soda crystals, so shouldn't have much gunk.

SugarHut Sat 07-Dec-13 16:42:39

What the hell? I'm supposed to run an empty wash on the hottest cycle about once a month? Is this common knowledge? Never heard of this....

Lj8893 Sat 07-Dec-13 17:30:35

I didn't know this either!!!

So I need to run it on empty on the hottest cycle?

YoniMatopoeia Sat 07-Dec-13 17:34:13

I do one once every 3 months or so (slattern)

YoniMatopoeia Sat 07-Dec-13 17:34:51

Though I did pull the drawer out today and scrub it

fluffyraggies Sat 07-Dec-13 17:35:03

Is this empty of clothes and detergent?


BMW6 Sat 07-Dec-13 17:38:20

I use soda crystals in every wash as live in v hard water area. Never use Calgon.

DejaVuAllOverAgain Sat 07-Dec-13 17:41:07

Soap, nuts and vinegar? confused

I've never done a maintenance wash on my washing machine and I've had it at least 8/9 years.

Karbea Sat 07-Dec-13 17:55:03

Apart from running it at 90 do you add anything apart from nuts and bolts?

Jux Sat 07-Dec-13 18:00:02

The man who fixed our old washing machine 6 years ago said that limescale removing tablets did more harm than good. We've not used them since. The machine was nearly 20 years old when he came and it was still working when my brother bought us a new one a month ago.

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