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strange requests for santa

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devonshiredumpling Wed 04-Dec-13 21:50:11

coming out from sainsburys today and my dd4 saw a sea king search and rescue helicopter and the top of her wish list now is a proper me thinking any funny requests from your little darlings

Allegrogirl Wed 04-Dec-13 22:32:36

Under the influence of Peppa Pig my DD aged 4 wanted a skipping rope. Very cheap from local toy shop and she was delighted. Unfortunately she didn't have the coordination required and we had a few frustrated tantrums. Last year aged 5 she wanted a drum. She already has an ELC wooden drum so I she didn't get one. She whinged about it all day at the GPs. Soft MIL sent her a desk top drum kit with the wrapping paper all bashed up as 'father christmas dropped it in the garden by mistake'. It was so sweet of her I didn't have the heart to tell her DD had moved on by the time it arrived at our place.

Small child here wants "all of the colours" (no, I have no idea either).

GoldFrankincenseAndTwiglets Wed 04-Dec-13 22:38:36

SmallSherry, have you seen the volcano kits that you can get? They look pretty realistic if Ds is young enough to convince him that it's a real tiny volcano!

AlpacaPicnic Wed 04-Dec-13 22:39:52

Plasticene maybe? I have no idea how that is spelled... I should have said play doh!

HugAndRoll Wed 04-Dec-13 22:41:21

Ds1 wanted a real life giraffe last year. He had an adoption pack and a letter from the giraffe's mummy saying she would be too sad to let her baby live with us but we were welcome to visit them. We did visit them in the summer holiday.

AntiJamDidi Wed 04-Dec-13 22:42:49

Dd1 asked for skis one year. We have never been skiing, we have no intention of ever going skiing and she was the least coordinated child you are likely to meet so real skis were a no-go, she was happy with a playmobil person with skis hmm.

3yo dd2 thinks that she's only allowed to ask Santa for one thing (nobody has ever told her that but if that's what she thinks then I'm not going to burst her bubble), she wants a peppa pig football. At least it's cheap and easy to find.

ShoeWhore Wed 04-Dec-13 22:43:11

Ds once asked for a folder. I think back to that fondly now his requests are a tad more expensive these days smile

Younger ds has asked for a Harry Potter wand [non magical] just in case Santa got worried about needing to provide a fully-working version grin

The hardest request we ever had was the one for a ferry. at the time NO toy ferry appeared to be in existence. Dh sat up all night making one out of Lego in the end!

MrsCosmopilite Wed 04-Dec-13 22:43:23

Apparently Santa is going to bring DD a 'November, an April, May, July and August'. Not really sure how.... confused

lillajag Wed 04-Dec-13 22:44:24

A 2 yo I nannied for a few years ago wanted a cat flap. They didn't have a cat but he wanted the neighbours cats to visit smile

And he also wanted two blue paint (?!), a parachute, a sandwich and a heart shaped locket.

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 04-Dec-13 22:44:31

When son was small (about 3?) he asked for a jellyfish with wheels.

ShoeWhore Wed 04-Dec-13 22:44:52

AntiJamDidi my dcs also think the one thing thing - I'm not about to enlighten them either grin even though they are much older. Not sure where it came from, it wasn't us though but it does make them think carefully about what they want which is no bad thing imho.

Excitedforxmas Wed 04-Dec-13 22:45:04

Dd wants toys for her dog

TooTabooHasBigShinyBaubles Wed 04-Dec-13 22:45:09

These are brilliant!

BettyMacdonald Wed 04-Dec-13 22:45:48

Several years ago my God Daughter was very enamoured with the Bounty kitchen towel advert (when the jingle was "Bounty! The stronger soaker upper, Bountyyyyy!" <or some such> grin ). That year a roll of kitchen towel was her fondest wish smile. She's still completely barking in a wonderful, eccentric way grin

spicegirl13 Wed 04-Dec-13 22:50:57

DD1 wants a Hello Kitty onesie with rainbows & flowers on it, very specific & I haven't been able to find it confused she'll have to make do with a regular Hello Kitty one, but I have a feeling that just won't cut it!

GrumpyRedhead Wed 04-Dec-13 22:51:42

DS (3.10) has asked repeatedly for an "old sword".

We think he means a wooden curved one, like out of Jake and the Neverland Pirates, at least that's what he's getting!

Purplefrogshoe Wed 04-Dec-13 22:52:23

my dd5 wants a jml flexi torch, my nephew 5 asked me to buy him a costume that will make him a real superhero fgrin

moldingsunbeams Wed 04-Dec-13 22:59:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fidgetywidget Wed 04-Dec-13 23:02:45

My 3.8yo DD would like a spider and a spout (as in incy wincy!)
Tube from the middle of a roll of printer paper from work is waiting to be painted black, but I've yet to source the spider, debating toy vs. real grin

devonshiredumpling Wed 04-Dec-13 23:03:17

these are making me laugh out loud keep it up peeps

Trumpton Wed 04-Dec-13 23:04:25

DGS wants a tractor " but just a little one. Don't worry mummy " and he wants to get his daddy a pineapple !
He is 3.2

MrsBennetsEldest Wed 04-Dec-13 23:08:15

DS3 asked for a spade when he was 6.
DS1 asked for a stained glass window when he was 6/7.
DS2 asked for a maid and a butler when he was 9.

ZillionChocolate Wed 04-Dec-13 23:09:26

I know a child who wanted a post office, a real one not a toy one, and another child who wanted a pound of red apples.

bugsyburge Wed 04-Dec-13 23:10:28

this is one of the funniest things I've ever read!!!!!!

Freddiefrog Wed 04-Dec-13 23:15:54

A few years ago DD2 wanted a purple flying unicorn - "it's OK Mummy, Santa is magic"

DD1, several years ago, wanted Calgon - she was strangely obsessed with the "washing machines live longer with Calgon" ad at the time

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