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that even after nearly 6 years, I still hear my ex's voice in my head?

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VelvetSpoon Fri 22-Nov-13 22:48:54

Mainly when I feel at a low ebb, I hear him laughing that I'm a fat, ugly lazy piece of shit. That I'm a nothing and no-one would ever love or want me, and that I was incapable of making anyone happy, which he'd usually follow up by spitting on me.

I'm not fat any more, I wasn't ever ugly, but still...somewhere inside part of me believes it. That and the stuff he used to say about my parents (who died before I met him) that they'd be disappointed in me, think I was a failure sad

I think I've put it behind me then it just creeps back in. People (friends, men) never seem to think I'm worth making any effort for, which worryingly seems to bear out at least in part what he used to say...

Hissy Sun 24-Nov-13 09:01:52

Absolutely Velvet be kind to yourself, it's a long road, but so worth it

People won't love you, until they can see that you love your own self already.

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