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to let dd1 (6) be late for school one day?

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muddyprints Fri 22-Nov-13 13:57:13

dd1 loves school and likes to get her attendance mark.
but every morning (including weekends) she stands around doing nothing while I try to get us all out on time.
she comes down at 7 and eats breakfast, no problems, but as soon as we go upstairs to get ready she literally just stands there. I put her uniform out and tell her to wash and dress. 5 mins later while im washing dd2 I look in her room and she is gazing out the window. I tell her again to get ready and 5 mins later she is looking at some pants.
I have tried making it a race with me, with her sister, counting while she does things, getting ready and going downstairs without her sh she can just get on, telling her she will be late, but everyday is the same.
aibu to just once not nag her and let her be late so she realises it is her getting the late mark not me.

muddyprints Sat 23-Nov-13 20:56:40

ok will try dressing first this week, and I like the idea of clothes on the landing so she cant grab a book or paper and start writing.
she sleeps 8 till 6.30ish when she wakes naturally. she is very tired by the end of a school week and gets teary and pale. she is too tired for after school activities. school seems to shatter her.

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