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to ask you to tell all about your bad guest staying at your house stories ?

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thisfoofooisallmine Thu 21-Nov-13 13:55:17

It has been ages we didn't have one and I'm sorry I can't wait for after Christmas ! I'm sure you had guest who stayed with you recently who were big piss takers, they ate all your food and didn't even bring a bottle of wine with them or they brought pizzas but wanted to charge you for it....

Please make me happy, I never ask anything ! This topic always put a smile on my face smile

LtEveDallas Thu 21-Nov-13 15:49:33

This sounds pretty bad, but looking back we coped pretty well.

When we lived in SIL and BIL visited. They had a great time, we had a great time, they asked to come again in the summer. We said yes.

Next summer, DSD and her friend are coming for 4 weeks (Aug). All booked and paid for. In July SIL phones all excited and says she's booked tickets for 2 weeks. The same time as DSD.... Neither tickets can be changed. We tell SIL and BIL they will have to camp down in the living room (we have 3 bedrooms), but not to worry. SIL then says that DNeice and DNephew are also coming. shock

We end up with DSD and friend in spare room. DD in with us. DNephew in DD's room. DNeice in living room and DSIL and DBIL in a tent in the garden.

They eat us out of house and home and the 4 teens argue ALL.THE.TIME. DNephew doesnt want to get out of bed, then doesn't want to wear sun screen, then doesn't want to eat anything but crap. DNeice wants to get drunk every night. DSD and Dfriend take hours to get ready every morning, full hair and make-up no matter what they are doing (waterpark, beach, garden).

Thankfully I am at work every morning, but not so thankfully is the fact that my day starts at 0530 so I want to be in bed, asleep by 9. Doesn't happen. DH starts drinking, heavily. DD regresses and pees our bed a number of times.

I cried when DSIL and BIL left - tears of joy!

(But we never fell out, still love them to bits. It wasa just the longest 2 weeks of my life)

YoucancallmeQueenBee Thu 21-Nov-13 15:59:38

Old school friend came with her 3 children. They proceeded to trash the house, break my DCs toys, eat everything at random times & all over the house, have diarrhoea in the spare bed, which I appreciate is not their fault - but no attempt made to strip the bed & help launder it. Wet towels left on the floor.

Her DCs in my bedroom in the morning shouting "breakfast now" at me - which would be a killing offence if my DCs did it. Me serving bloody breakfast to the starving hoards, while friend faffed about having a shower, blow drying her hair (!) & getting dressed.

No gift brought, no thank you afterwards but did expect me to post back the stuff she left behind.

They certainly won't ever be coming again.

ishouldcocoa Thu 21-Nov-13 16:01:50

I had an old friend and her 3 kids to stay a while back.

The eldest (15 yo) sat at my kitchen table with a biro, doodling onto the wood (in full view of her mother).

The middle one pissed in the bed, and the youngest managed to hack into our wireless system after we'd all gone to bed (via his laptop) which rendered the internet unuseable for the duration of their stay.

The 3 of them bickered non stop for the 3 days. I thought it was torture, but will bear in mind some of the stories upthread in future!

chipshop Thu 21-Nov-13 16:04:26

Last month a friend of DP stayed for a few nights and left the bathroom completely covered in black body hair... our bath, the floor, the sink, it was everywhere. He either moulted ridiculous amounts or he shaved every inch of his body while doing a wild dance. How could you leave it like that?

IAmTheLordOfRedundancy Thu 21-Nov-13 16:04:50

My cousin and her bf come to stay. They are aware that we are short on space and end up sleeping on a inflatable mattress in our room. We had a lodger who they asked if he would let them catch up on sleep in his bed while he was out at work?! My cousin treats her bf like a butler and being a guest in our house made no difference. She sat on the couch for 3 days, only deigning to move for calls of nature. When she got up she'd make her bf sit in her seat so she'd have a place to sit when she came back from the loo. She made him go shop, chippy, get her stuff from the car, make hot drinks etc. She is unashamedly lazy and yet it works for them. Thryve been together nearly 13 years.

cantheyseeme Thu 21-Nov-13 16:43:03

Lots of posts regarding cousins haha!

Crowler Thu 21-Nov-13 16:51:10

Oh boy. Who would use the last of their host's Jo Malone? It is so bloody expensive!!!!

We have house guests who always show up empty handed, my husband pays for dinner wherever we go, then my husband stays up til all hours getting absolutely wasted with visiting husband, and they all sleep really late in the morning. I make a big breakfast when they wake, and then I begin the wash when they leave. Good times.

Pawprint Thu 21-Nov-13 16:55:37

Some years back, an old friend and her dh asked if they could stay for a night on their way to visit their family. I happily accepted their request. Less happily, I had just had my fourth (and, thankfully, last) miscarriage.

My friend spent the entire evening quizzing me about my miscarriages - how I knew I was miscarrying, etc. I had already suspected she was pregnant - she dropped hints, refused alcohol etc - and, in the end, I just asked her if she was expecting.

My friend admitted she was and I realised that she had been asking me about the miscarriages to reassure herself and not to sympathise with me.

To put this into context, I was very sensitive about the losses and felt very depressed and envious when around pregnant women. I could have hit her, especially as she then bragged about how pleased her family were, how she had got preg first month of trying and then had the nerve to complain that the baby would interfere with her travel plans.

I ended up getting very, very drunk and crying all over my dh after she and her dh went to bed.

In the end, she had her baby and I had one soon afterwards. I never really had much to do with her again.

Crowler Thu 21-Nov-13 16:57:24

That's horrible pawprint. What a twat.

Pawprint Thu 21-Nov-13 16:59:36

I know sad Thanks Crowler.

WaitMonkey Thu 21-Nov-13 17:02:46

SireeDubs, did you post about this at the time. I remember your nightmare.

ACatCalledBrian Thu 21-Nov-13 17:09:45

Pawprint, she sounds horrible. There's just no need to be that dickish to someone.

My story may out me to anyone who knows it.

At the time I lived in a 2-bed rented flat with my at-the-time DP (now ex) and our kitten. Ex-DP had a twin brother who was living with his girlfriend and her parents. The parents decided they could no longer deal with that, so they came to stay with us 'temporarily' until they could find a new place.

They stayed until I dumped my DP (mostly unrelated reasons, but his brother was definitely a part) and we gave back the flat. They'd break up at least once a week, and the brother regularly smoked weed in the flat. The illegality of the weed besides, they were getting the kitten stoned through second-hand smoke. Bastards.

Also over that time they invited another two male friends to stay, one of whom also moved in. That guy was actually lovely and used to do massive grocery shops, contribute to bills and clean in lieu of rent, but the other was a nightmare.

The worst night was when we had friends over (mostly mine, last time I ever invited friends over for an evening) and the nightmare friend got plastered and decided to pull his trousers down in front of a room full of guests. He wasn't wearing any pants and we were all treated to a full view of his cock for twenty minutes while we persuaded him to put his trousers back on.

I dumped the DP shortly afterwards and the kitten and I left mostly unscathed.

Pawprint Thu 21-Nov-13 17:21:48

Thanks ACat. Awful woman and her grinning loon of a husband was just as bad

Pawprint Thu 21-Nov-13 17:23:14

ACat - how bloody awful. What was your cat like when stoned? Apparently, the stupid idiots who owned my dog (I rescued her from them) used to feed her dope sad

SmiteYouWithThunderbolts Thu 21-Nov-13 17:28:08

I took in a friend and her dd once to help her get away from her abusive H. She ate all my food, never so much as cleared her own plates from the table, made me late for work by hogging the bathroom for over an hour in the morning and in the end decided to go back to her H because he "apologised". She invited him into my home while I was at work to help collect her things (I had asked her not to give him my address because he'd threatened me when he heard she was staying with me) and he helped himself to some of MY stuff. Oh, and her parting gift was to announce that she'd found head lice on her dd the morning they moved out, so I should probably check me and ds and boil wash the towels and bedding she'd left in a heap on the floor.

My husband's brother's wife was visiting the UK to do some shopping. My husband picked her up from Heathrow (we lived in Hemel at the time) and brought her to our house in the evening, late, after the kids were in bed.

She was to stay overnight then go into London the following day, start her shopping then stay with friends until she went home. She left our house first thing in the morning, before we were up.

I know that she had asked specifically for the stop over and we knew that we were putting her up to help her out and not for a visit, but it wouldn't have killed her to stay so she could meet the kids.

Yes. Meet. She'd never set eyes on them.

I had just assumed she'd at least have breakfast with us, but apparently she wanted to get a really early start.

iloveny001 Thu 21-Nov-13 17:45:35

Shared a flat for a year with friend from work. 6 months in she asked if her brother could stay while he found somewhere to live.He stayed for the next 6 months in the living room, never paid any of the bills, though I suspect he was subsidising her rent. Was a bit shy and quiet back then, wouldn't stand for it now!

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Thu 21-Nov-13 17:47:33

Not as bad as these, but SIL can be v precious.

First visit: BIL, SIL and DNephew (2yo) came for Christmas, as did PIL. We put PIL in spare room and BIL & family in the dining room on a blow-up bed. Halfway through the visit SIL announced that kind PIL were going to swap rooms with them, because they thought DNephew might wake up if he was beside the living room while we were all up chatting in the evenings. DH and I were v pissed off - we couldn't let 60 year-olds, one of whom had a stonking cold at the time, sleep on a blow-up bed, so we grudgingly gave BIL and SIL our room. The next day, BIL said that they had put the incredibly expensive panel heater on, and then when they were too hot in the middle of the night, they had been unable to work out how to turn it off (at the very obvious wall switch with the red light that glowed) so they had opened the window instead and let the heat escape. angry We got an enormous electricity bill later on - still think we should have charged them. Also, SIL spent the whole time shivering and wearing her coat indoors. OK, it was cold, but it wasn't that cold!

Next visit: they came up for DD's christening. SIL had had a nose job which she then bashed accidentally and it had to be reset the day before the christening. She arrived with black eyes and bandaged nose - ouch! So I wasn't too bothered when she barely spoke to anyone, sat in a corner and then went for a nap all evening while everyone else got merry sitting on the lawn. Next morning, however, 5 mo DD wakes up at 8ish. I get up and go to get her breakfast, and discover BIL with DNephew and DNiece in the living room. Offer the kids breakfast and go and start making it. BIL disappears, I assumed to the toilet or to have a shower. After quite some time, I discover that he had f*cked off back to bed and left me with his two kids to entertain, the day after I host a big party!

YouAreMyFavouriteWasteOfTime Thu 21-Nov-13 17:49:03

friend got very pissed, went outside for a cigarette came back inside and tramped the biggest pile of dog poo around our new house.

about 60 shitty foot prints. not just a bit of poo on his shoe, the whole pile trampled in to cream carpets.

ACatCalledBrian Thu 21-Nov-13 18:11:03

It mostly just used to make him sleep pawprint but a couple of times he went really mad on it, it was horrible. He'd be rushing around with a wild look in his eye and terrified of everything. He was a completely different cat when we moved out of that flat, so much calmer and more relaxed and happier.

greenbananas Thu 21-Nov-13 18:14:17

Wow, what awful stories!

My worst is a friend of dh's who came to stay for a fortnight after he had lost his flat unexpectedly (long story, not his fault). He was a lovely bloke, but he didn't leave until I changed the locks and put his stuff on the street four months later. It took him a while to forgive us for that, but I was 5 weeks pregnant with our first baby and I had simply had enough!

Ms23 Thu 21-Nov-13 18:26:16

XP's brother once lived with us for about 6 months on our sofa bed in the living room. It was only supposed to be a few weeks. He kept promising to pay rent (despite the fact we hadn't even agreed to let him stay long term). He was supposed to get up ever morning and make the room back into a living room - because he was lazy he used to keep the sofa bed as a sofa and just sleep on it that way - with no sheet inbetweeen our sofa and his naked body!! Like we would then want to sit on it ever again. He never showered and left his smelly clothes in a pile in the corner (not in the washing basket I supplied!). Once I got so grossed out by the smell permeating the whole house I washed them - and he complained that I shrunk his jeans! He never did any cleaning or bought any food and never put the butter or milk back in the fridge. If there was any alcohol in the house he would drink it, even if he didn't actually like it. He didn't have a social life so was always around. My XP would just let him get on with it - a couple of times I asked him to have a word and he would. The brother would become apologetic and change his ways for all of about 2 days. Both of them actually nice guys but I'm glad I never became part of their family!!

LaQueenOfTheDamned Thu 21-Nov-13 18:39:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

I have a great one! Got introduced to a mom at the school who seemed pleasant enough (didn't notice the mom who introduced us running for the hills!). During our conversation she mentioned she was a single mother and there was no washing machine at her apartment so she had to hand wash the clothes. I said "oh, of you want you could come over for coffee on Saturday and do some washing in my machine."

Saturday comes. My husband is out of town... She shows up in a car driven by her mother (who lives locally and has a washing machine!) and proceeds to carry sack after sack of stuff up to my condo. I was shocked, but before I could say anything the mother had driven off and left the woman and her two kids.

I said "I don't think you will be able to get much of that done before evening" and she replied "oh, that's okay, your husband is away so we will just stay over and I can keep doing it through the night". I was too flabbergasted to protest... She only lived a few blocks away so no reason to stay overnight and we had only just met!!

Lunchtime came so I made us all lunch. Dinner came and I said "I was planning to get a take away tonight" and she said "lovely! My kids like Chinese best" and gave a list of stuff to order... No offer to pay anything towards it.

She stayed until Sunday evening and only left when my husband came home and started bundling sacks of laundry in our car to take her home. She was protesting about the last three sacks and I ended up telling her I would wash and return them later.

She used my washing machine and drier solidly for two days and a night!!! She saw nothing wrong wit her behavior... It has taken years to try and shake her off.

Once she even tried to have me drive 6 hours to pick her kids up from their Dad and 6 hours back. By then I was better at saying no to her.

TheHippywhowearsLippy Thu 21-Nov-13 20:21:07

Invited my Friends (new couple) over for a dinner party. They turned up with their golden Labrador, an air bed & a packet of value mouse mix! Declared it would be to late to drive home so they would put the air bed on our livingroom floor & the dog could sleep in the bath. I kid you not they were serious.

Dinner party over, other guests leaving, new couple change into their pjs and tell us to turn the heating on as it's too cold for them. I said well it's just gone off about an hr ago, he marches up to the timer & switches it on again. DH & I just exchanged glances, turned it off again & went to bed totally agast. About an hr later we hear the front door open, DH goes to inspec, It's only a bloody pizza delivery.

Next morning we go down to get breakfast & there's the couple sitting at our table eating a full fry up, made by him, from almost every piece of food you could think off. Tgey left soon afterwards, needless to say we have never invited them over again & they can't figure out why we don't have dinner parties any more as ours were so good. I swear they seemed normal when I invited them.

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