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To wonder when did costa become so trendy?

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3asAbird Thu 21-Nov-13 09:48:23

I like coffee as much as next person in fact live on it.

if was to say fave would be nero followed by costa some reason not keen star bucks.

But normally its at service station.

occasionally when shopping but like m&s cafe/john lewis or support independents.

Log onto fb always gives me the rage.

least 10statuses and photos of people im at costa in x look at my christmas coffee. Yes its a coffee in an xmas themed paper cup get over yourself people.

Feeling christmasy at costa its bloody november.
Oh look brought costa for my tassimo!

So what have i missed ? why are so many people costa addicts and advertising the fact?

Do I have wanky mates which should be deleted or anyone else noticed this?

signlanguage Thu 21-Nov-13 21:24:45

Costa coffee is shit.

Its a coffee shop for people who don't like coffee.

MiconiumHappens Thu 21-Nov-13 21:30:15

Going to go against the grain a bit here.

I love Costa. Good coffee, good food, good locations, friendly staff and very accommodating of children. I cut my teeth breast feeding in public there as I always felt comfortable.

Sorry smile

EmmaBemma Thu 21-Nov-13 21:32:33

They can't make a cappuccino, but I bloody love a mocha latte, I do. Just a small one, from the supermarket costa.

3asAbird Fri 22-Nov-13 08:42:15

ohh clearly I need to go down stokes croft is it close to colston girls?
Do they welcome hipp toddlers? ocasionally my 4year old has babycuino in plapyspace at avonmeads but thats not hip.

Love the vibe of gloucester rd. Also get anoyed that south bristol seem to think they more hip that north visited tobbaco factory over the summer.

See I can see point if found some hidden gem of a cafe but nothing special or hip about costa they all sheep.

When I was 18 went to small town with my ex and we stopped at weirdest cafe. The owners were bit odd at door was large cut out cliff richard then as we went in cliff music was playing we realised the table mats even the mugs had cliff on . If only fb and smart phones existed then

M0naLisa Fri 22-Nov-13 22:56:03

But their Gingerbread Lattès are Delish wink

CremeEggThief Fri 22-Nov-13 23:11:17

Of the chains, Costa and Cafe Nero are my faves.

FudgefaceMcZ Fri 22-Nov-13 23:21:51

I don't especially like them for coffee but their black forest hot chocolate motivates me to go in this time of year, unfortunately for my health and finances.

TheArticFunky Sat 23-Nov-13 00:17:37

I'm an Americano and therefore quite easy to please. I like Costa because they make strong coffee in cups unlike Starbucks with their milky mugs.

raisah Sat 23-Nov-13 04:36:06

I dont like costa coffee as its too bitter & v pricey. Out of the chains, I prefer pret & starbucks gingerbread latte only or my local coffee shop.

raisah Sat 23-Nov-13 04:41:07

Apparantly costa coffee is the most popular meeting place for cheating partners. Obviously they have got other things to think about other than the quality of their coffee.

Anatanacoat Sat 23-Nov-13 06:58:56

I like Costa best out of the chains. Starbucks coffee is always cold, I find. And Nero is okay but the one near us is so damn loud (it's very small and narrow so the grinder noise rattles your face) I can't always stand to stand there.

Also Costa does the best toasties (although still not really proper toasties as they put them in a panini press so they aren't sealed, woe) and Eccles cakes.

Those Eccles cakes are amazing.

I do agree that the actual shops are not very nice. Starbucks is really the best at sofas and quiet. The Costas near us are all rickety tables and enormous queues but are also opposite a beautiful park with loads of picnic tables - about twelve in a big group - so we all go there.

The only independent coffee houses round here are East African and women aren't allowed in, so I appreciate the chains tbh. At least they let me in the door.

hyenafunk Sat 23-Nov-13 08:00:12

The costa Christmas cups are adorable tbf grin.

Only reason I like Costa is that they don't charge extra for soya milk. Starbucks are the only company that weirdly do but typically I much prefer Starbucks coffee. I'd say Starbucks is still the most in vogue out of the coffee chains.

Snatchoo Sat 23-Nov-13 08:27:58

Well none of my FB friends have posted anything about Costa. It's my favourite and neither have I.

Mine's a flat white though so a bit boring!

daisychain01 Sat 23-Nov-13 08:33:58

Cafe Revive is a good way of bribing my DH and DS to come to Cribbs Causeway with me.

Or the John Lewis coffee is nice and if you get a myjohnlewis loyalty card you get a free cup once a month smile

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