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What do I get nanny for Christmas?

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mamayaya Wed 20-Nov-13 21:51:14

Sorry am crap and can't find the chat or Christmas sections!

Nanny has been fab. Only does after school 4 days a wk, 1 dd and only since September but I split up with partner a month ago and she has been great - extra hours (paid for obviously!) as he wasn't there when would have been previously, really flexible. And so sweet and nice.

She is 23, works as teaching assistant in a primary in mornings, and is a pretty cool girl, has a bit of an Afro going on, cool clothes. Lives at home with her dad. (Ie I don't know what accessories/bracelet I thought initially to get her as is frankly cooler than me and no stuff for house).

My budget is a bit limited due to split, I would like to spend £30 if poss but will go a bit more and up to £50 if necessary.

Any ideas?! I am at a loss and only coming up with vouchers or cash. I gave her £20 for her birthday recently and she said she hadn't received any presents from family (think they may be Jehovah's witnesses) so i would quite like to buy her something nice...

Thanks for any ideas in advance!

sashh Fri 22-Nov-13 19:20:26

Er, she's a doesn't celebrate xmas! Save your money, you don't want to offend.

OP said the family were JW, doesn't mean she is. I've known a few in my time and I don't think any of them had entire families that were/are JW. And the OP knew about the nanny's birthday, most JWs keep quiet about their birthdays.

And if she is JW then I think an 'end of year bonus' is fine.

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