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aibu to think my daughter is being a tad unreasonable lol

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mumofbeautys Mon 18-Nov-13 16:46:53

Dear Santa I want

A real micro pig
A real tractor
A tree
Snail farm
Shovel and spade
Mud pit
Chicken house

Do u Think she may be disappointed with Xmas this year lol

mumofbeautys Mon 18-Nov-13 18:58:28

Ok so list to do .. look for snails ... a wooden fence ... room decorating stuff lol play farms and vehicles and then start on her twin sisters list lol is playmobile good x

Have just uploaded a picture of one of my snails for you! smile Though tbh I would get captive bred ones if they're a child's pet unless you are very strict with hand washing etc as wild caught can carry some nasties.

mumofbeautys Mon 18-Nov-13 19:23:43

I can't get anything that is likely to carry anything as she is prone to infection .. also no like furry pets either xxx do u need to feed them lol x

thebody Mon 18-Nov-13 19:28:50

shovel and spade sounds a bit deadly!! grin

Yup, have to feed them smile They usually just have a varied selection of fruit and veg ... current favorite is corn on the cob. They also need a cuttle bone for shell growth ...

I wouldn't imagine captive bred snails would carry anything, though there are lots of snail sites you could ask on.

mumofbeautys Mon 18-Nov-13 19:37:30

Lol the body I'm scared it's for Santa if he doesn't bring the micro pig x

sandiy Mon 18-Nov-13 19:45:25

Does she mean fur real as in fur real friends? They have some cute piggies Failing that Have you planned any trips away because pennywell farm here in Devon could provide the experiences she wants.Egg collecting goat milking lamb feeding and micro pigs It's lovely.I don t work for them by the way just have had some amazing times there.You could get here a "magic ticket" so she can have all the things she would like.Download loads of pictures links etc.Maybe do a scrap book

sandiy Mon 18-Nov-13 19:47:12

Oohh or a guinea pig I love mine they are lovely lovely animals and can live indoors.

mumofbeautys Mon 18-Nov-13 19:51:57

We can't go to the farm her immune system v weak at the moment and can't have furry pets x
What the fur toy pig things ?

giraffesCantGoGuising Mon 18-Nov-13 19:52:43

A real tractor - that sounds fun

MrsOakenshield Mon 18-Nov-13 19:54:30

shovel and spade?? I am impressed that she knows the difference! (I don't. I know there is a difference, but not what it is. Different shape? Usage??)

mumofbeautys Mon 18-Nov-13 19:56:42

I don't think there is a difference lol

MrsCakesPremonition Mon 18-Nov-13 20:01:01

Spades are for digging holes - they are vertical, smaller and sharp.

Shovels are for scooping up stuff like snow or manure - they are horizontal, large and wide with turned up sides.

Mummytotwox Mon 18-Nov-13 20:02:30

My daughter told me I was soo meannnn today and cried and hid away.. Because I would t buy her a real horse.

mumofbeautys Mon 18-Nov-13 20:03:48

Lol Mrs thanks for that .. Don't think she's know that though but would be impressed lol

mumofbeautys Mon 18-Nov-13 20:05:21

Oh mummy between us we can open a farm lol

youarewinning Mon 18-Nov-13 20:07:08

She sounds fantastic! I bet she'd love a farm themed room - can you get farmhouse type wendyhouses - you the know the ones that pop up? Sounds like she's imagining the outside world whilst she's inside poorly and you bringing it inside will be amazing.

ThisIsBULLSHIT Mon 18-Nov-13 20:13:23

You can get her a tree! DH got one for his godson once.
And a shovel.
And some giant African land snails! (Although they breed a LOT)
And a mud pit.

And maybe a chicken if you have space!

Mummytotwox Mon 18-Nov-13 20:32:31

Let's do it ;) ha

Thing is she does go riding every week, but that costs enough as it is ATM!

UniS Mon 18-Nov-13 21:37:38

when you don't have the space for a "real tractor" these are almost as good.bruder toys
Hours of play value. things work, like loaders, tipping mechs, telescopic reach arms AND the steering ( thanks to a sun roof and and removable steering wheel on an extension ).
My DS now age 7 still plays with his bruder tractors and trailers. moving stuff around. When he was given his telehander aged 3 he treated it like a pet.

here is a fur real piglet

YoDiggity Tue 19-Nov-13 13:57:51

Does she need to stay indoors a lot because of her health issues? She sounds like she is craving the outdoors. sad

Can you take her somewhere where she can do 'farming' without the livestock? Do you have a balcony for growing things?

mumofbeautys Tue 19-Nov-13 14:32:29

Yo dignity at the moment yes .. both my girls have cystic fibrosis . And hers has been severe leaving other complications at the moment her immune system is weak plus she needs her oxygen x we have no balcony or garden x

Sparklymommy Tue 19-Nov-13 14:39:32

Have you considered a bonsai tree? You could make a little garden in a globe for her to tend to.

She sounds adorable and clearly adores animals and farmyards. I hope you can find a way to give her something akin to her list. Is her health always as bad as it is now or could a trip to a farm be arranged when she is feeling better?

YoDiggity Tue 19-Nov-13 14:52:29

Where do you live? In a city? Which one?

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