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To wonder if I'm allowed to shop in Waitrose?

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ohmymimi Mon 18-Nov-13 14:30:47

One is opening nearby. I'm probably slightly lower middle class, I have ordered on-line from John Lewis, though, and I've never shopped in my pyjamas without a jumper and jeans on top.

MarklahMarklah Tue 20-Jun-17 22:32:16

I love my local Waitrose. The staff are lovely, the pastries are good in the café, the shelves are well-stacked and you can often get lots of bargains.
And their avocados are cheaper than the Co-op.

goose1964 Tue 20-Jun-17 22:23:50

We shop at Waitrose at least twice a week, they usually have some great reductions early evening

Fruitcocktail6 Tue 20-Jun-17 22:05:29

Oh this is from 2013! I wondered why the posh test had a question about keeping carrier bags!

Fruitcocktail6 Tue 20-Jun-17 22:03:57

I'm 28% posh!

I have recently moved to a very posh area though, our only supermarket is a Waitrose and we'd have to drive 20 mins to get to a Sainsbury's!

MyGastIsFlabbered Tue 20-Jun-17 21:54:47

Waitrose is the ONLY supermarket in my town. (There's a Tesco Express at the petrol station but that doesn't count). I buy Fruit Shoots and Fruit Yoyos in there regularly. And have occasionally taken an ASDA bag for life on there (oh the shame!)

Usernamegone Tue 20-Jun-17 21:13:02

I'm not sure what class I am. I was brought up on a council estate as working class as I have a regional accent. However, I have two degrees and post graduate diploma so I presume they will let me in?????

BigChocFrenzy Tue 20-Jun-17 21:12:09

21% grin
< burps, scratches arse >

Theimpossiblegirl Tue 20-Jun-17 20:49:40

I love Waitrose- they keep sending me £6 off a £30 spend vouchers and when they are running out they give them to me at the till.
Keeps me in gin and essential olives.

Oldgranny Tue 20-Jun-17 20:49:25

what's as oik ? am sure the chavvs borrowed it😳

Oldgranny Tue 20-Jun-17 20:45:57

i am the shopper from whom every one runs !!!

Oldgranny Tue 20-Jun-17 20:42:01

I just love mn, pretty please join in
Ido have grandkids

TryingNotToWaddle Tue 20-Jun-17 20:40:38

Being lower lower working class I go to Waitrose to spend my healthy start vouchers on all the lovely fruit and veg. Sometimes the staff have to check with the manager as they haven't seen the vouchers before grin

If I'm feeling flush I buy a baklawa and a free coffee halo

Oldgranny Tue 20-Jun-17 20:36:11

Wouldn't let me in in my pyjamas. 😱

Oldgranny Tue 20-Jun-17 20:33:44

Tiggy D 😂😂😂😂😂

Oldgranny Tue 20-Jun-17 20:31:06

Would if there was one 😂

leighdinglady Tue 20-Jun-17 20:20:40

mardybra id like to think I'm middle middle middle class. I sometimes shop in Aldi, sometimes Waitrose. I once bought a cake in Harrods (individual slice mind, I'm not made of money)

Sparklingbrook Tue 20-Jun-17 20:13:42


Lonelymummyof1 Tue 20-Jun-17 20:10:25

I am uneployed mum on benefits who would wear pyjamas anywhere - shop in waitrose all the time

Clalpolly Tue 20-Jun-17 19:56:59

Seriously, Booths. We go on a pilgrimage to the one in Knutsford at Christmas. It has a hardback Christmas catalogue.

rabbitsandrhubarb Tue 20-Jun-17 19:54:31

I love Waitrose for the free coffee and newspaper - but I take great delight in going in my gardening clothes, and had to smile when a few months ago, having been asked by DD to buy WKD, was told by the security guard 'Oh no, madam, we don't stock that kind of drink'!

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Tue 20-Jun-17 19:53:15


I love the way in Waitrose if you ask where something is then they take you right to it almost holding your hand. If you ask in Morrisons they grunt and look at you like you are from another planet.'

I asked for something in Morrisons only last Friday, and a very nice man took me to it, despite it being on the opposite side of the shop.

My nearest Waitrose is in a really dodgy area and has a disappointing selection of bread. I only go there for milk if I happen to be nearby. On my last two visits I spotted a large group of very drunk football fans (it's around the corner from the ground) and a man with lots of gold jewellery and matching teeth.

Clalpolly Tue 20-Jun-17 19:52:55

You should see Booths- a North West supermarket chain. Makes Waitrose look like Lidl.

jellyshoeswithdiamonds Tue 20-Jun-17 19:47:32

My husband lives in London, I can walk to the local Waitrose ... huge treat for me as here the nearest Waitrose is in Cowbridge (which says it all).

I buy Jackson's brown bloomer bread ... I even stock up so I bring loaves of the stuff home with me.

I always make a point of walking passed all the shelves full of coffee pods and I've never seen so much choice of biscuits to go with cheese ... always makes me smile.

LakieLady Tue 20-Jun-17 19:43:32

where can I get a man with rhubarb cords? I live v near the Cotswolds, so have seen a few about - can you rent one by the hour?

You might find some hints on here

toomuchtooold Tue 20-Jun-17 19:28:15

Oh god I loved my local Waitrose when we were in the UK! They were dead nice to my twins when they were babies. Mind you, I did have a Mountain Buggy and brightly coloured babygros on the kids so assuming my accent was unfamiliar I probably passed for posh grin

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