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To think that none of you give a shiny shit that I

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HoneyDragon Mon 18-Nov-13 12:40:01

Like Matthew Wright
Rinse my mince
And sometimes call people Hun on Facebook


AugustaProdworthy Mon 18-Nov-13 12:40:37

Mince rinse?

WorraLiberty Mon 18-Nov-13 12:41:55

I have a laxative and a can of polish

Yet, I still can't give a shiny shit about it grin

TheWomanTheyCallJayne Mon 18-Nov-13 12:41:57

Rinsing mince is wrong!
There is no arguing with such fuckwittery

TEEurkeyDay Mon 18-Nov-13 12:44:09

My god mince rinsing is so 2011. Can't we move on, hun?

DawnOfTheDee Mon 18-Nov-13 12:44:12

Rinsing the mince sounds like a euphemism. Ew.

I wish I could give a shit, shiny or otherwise thank you pg constipation

HoneyDragon Mon 18-Nov-13 12:44:39

It makes it lovely and tender when you rinse mince.

OHforDUCKScake Mon 18-Nov-13 12:44:45

What are you rinsing the mince of? Ive never heard of this before.

scarletforya Mon 18-Nov-13 12:45:33

I have a toilet brush.
I rarely cook from scratch.
I do not drink wine.


OHforDUCKScake Mon 18-Nov-13 12:46:39

I dont like bars of chocolate.

WorraLiberty Mon 18-Nov-13 12:46:55

I buy my mince from Waitrose

Therefore it comes pr-rinsed in the tears of angels in heaven.

GiantSnailFeelers Mon 18-Nov-13 12:48:53

I kick my kids and once almost kicked someone else's in tesco

I eat tubs of ben and jerrys in one sitting

I'm not wearing any knickers

HoneyDragon Mon 18-Nov-13 12:49:37

I rinse my Waitrose mince grin

It gets all the fat off after it's browned. Less grease more yum

TEEurkeyDay Mon 18-Nov-13 12:50:36

The knickers thing was one piece of information too far.

GiantSnailFeelers Mon 18-Nov-13 12:50:48

you cook it THEN rinse it


I do give a teeny tiny shite about that, its weird, gross and unnecessary grin

SPsIsAgainstCliffism Mon 18-Nov-13 12:51:14

Rinse the mince sounds wrong even to someone as innocent as me

Topseyt Mon 18-Nov-13 12:52:24

I never rinse mince, thats a new one on me. I do drink wine though.

I have chicken breasts defrosting for dinner tonight. I shan't be rinsing them either.

Caff2 Mon 18-Nov-13 12:53:00

Rinsing mince is entirely normal. What all sane people do.

GiantSnailFeelers Mon 18-Nov-13 12:53:20

innocent? SP? really? grin

GiantSnailFeelers Mon 18-Nov-13 12:53:56

<updates spreadsheet>

Caff2 is also weird


HoneyDragon Mon 18-Nov-13 12:55:19

Don't rinse chicken. Terribly unhygienic.

PomBearWithAnOFRS Mon 18-Nov-13 13:06:39

A woman on CDWM rinsed her mince last week and DD shouted "look Mummy, she must be a Mumsnetter" grin

TheRealAmandaClarke Mon 18-Nov-13 13:12:16

You rinse after cooking?

well, while we're confessing:
I have loo brushes (and use them)
I am planning a Christmas eve hamper

wigglesrock Mon 18-Nov-13 13:21:21

... have lots of photos of the kids up on a wall

have an artificial Christmas tree & hate real ones - feckin horrible smell

just to pre-empt - everyone I know calls him Santa. I know not a single person in real life who actually uses the phrase Father Christmas - it used to make us laugh when it was used in Blue Peter blush

Jolleigh Mon 18-Nov-13 13:22:46

What the hell? You wash the flavour off your food?

Have I missed something? I've never heard of this before.

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