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To replace piss soaked mattress

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MintBaileysMilkshake Mon 18-Nov-13 10:00:53

I think our houseguest pissed the bed in the spare room. One side is musty and soaked through to the mattress (through sheets, mattress topper and mattress itself!). I'm trying to be kind and think maybe he just suffers from night sweats possibly...but realistically it's piss.

Anyway, will replace bedding and mattress topper. What I'm wondering about is the mattress itself. It's a bloody nice, expensive one. Do I need to replace it? Or what else can I do. I need to get it completely clean and unpissy as I sometimes sleep in it with my new baby. Fuck fuck fuck!

Houseguest is in slightly poor health, which may explain, so obviously I won't make a song and dance about it, but I could cry.

SomethingOnce Mon 18-Nov-13 20:37:10

My first thought was diabetes when you mentioned the sweet smell.

John Lewis do a decent cotton-faced waterproof mattress protector. You do need to take them off regularly though to let the mattess air properly as, inevitably, moisture in the air gets into the mattress from the open underside.

cathpip Mon 18-Nov-13 20:56:31

I used a pet urine deodoriser to get rid of the wee smell after my ds emptied his bladder all over our bed, had tried scrubbing with bleach, febrezze and putting the steam cleaner over it. It did work, and at about £5 from the pet shop it's worth a try.

HappySeven Mon 18-Nov-13 22:04:46

Try sprinkling with sodium bicarbonate, leaving for a couple of hours and then hoovering up. It can clear nasty smells and is worth a go?

Oldraver Mon 18-Nov-13 22:33:06

DS's mattress cover failed and I used a Vax on the mattress, it worked very well. I sprinkled Bi-Carb on when it was dry and hoovered it and also gave it a going over with the steamer.

Idespair Mon 18-Nov-13 22:38:05

Anything that can go in the washing machine can be salvaged. I think I would chuck the mattress and make sure there was a waterproof protector for next time. Poor you.

Jude89 Mon 18-Nov-13 23:41:04

This Stuff works on wee, (and everything else)

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