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to think he should have thought of this 20 years ago?

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MrsRogerRabbit Sun 17-Nov-13 23:42:21

"D"P is constantly moaning about how women in the past have made a fool of him - he used to have plenty of money, but now he is basically cocklodging with me and seems to think that blaming the previous women is enough.

I'm sick of it. I sent him out this morning to look for work and all he brought back was half a bottle of gin.


KissesBreakingWave Sun 17-Nov-13 23:43:59

He can't do right? Like other men do?


KissesBreakingWave Sun 17-Nov-13 23:44:33

Seriously, he ain't contributing financially, put him out.

MrsRogerRabbit Sun 17-Nov-13 23:45:17

To be honest, I think he is basically wandering door to door looking for a woman who won't put him out.

Anniegetyourgun Sun 17-Nov-13 23:47:11

Well referenced, KBW!

usernameunknown Sun 17-Nov-13 23:50:48

jessica You are far too beautiful to be with a drunkard with buck teeth. Ltbunny

MrsRogerRabbit Sun 17-Nov-13 23:52:58

The thing is, I don't go out late, every night I basically sit in with my radio from about 8pm. I'm not misbehaving, I'm saving all my love for him. So he is basically just taking advantage.

KissesBreakingWave Sun 17-Nov-13 23:54:54

Those other women will probably just make a fool of him. And he'll let them, the sap. The hell you doing with this loser?

KissesBreakingWave Sun 17-Nov-13 23:55:45

You've got to ask, is he is, or is he ain't your baby?

WallyBantersJunkBox Sun 17-Nov-13 23:55:59

Does he have a really annoying voice?

TheSinisterTrifle Sun 17-Nov-13 23:55:59

Does he leave his hat with you though?

KissesBreakingWave Sun 17-Nov-13 23:57:24

OP, how many cups of coffee do you get through sat in like that?

Anniegetyourgun Sun 17-Nov-13 23:58:48

I know you can't be persuaded to LTB as long as he makes you laugh.

MrsRogerRabbit Mon 18-Nov-13 00:00:29

And another thing. He has HUGE feet. I'm talking like, I feel like I'm on a date with him and his huge feet. From his ankles up, he's lovely. But just too much feet.

KissesBreakingWave Mon 18-Nov-13 00:02:13

Must make it hard to dance together, cheek to cheek.

MrsRogerRabbit Mon 18-Nov-13 00:05:14

I give him money, he just spends it on the horses, he even buys gin and roses for his mother. I found receipts for some lovely gifts - but it turned out they weren't even for me!

I'm crying now. My tears are flowing like wine.

MrsRogerRabbit Mon 18-Nov-13 00:09:40

I try to accentuate the positive, I really do. I keep thinking I should eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative. Bring gloom down to the minimum and that.

But I just feel like I'm messing with Mr inbetween all the time.

UnauthorisedWalkies Mon 18-Nov-13 00:12:26

He's probably telling you to get back in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans, am I right?

Brittapie Mon 18-Nov-13 09:30:35

You need to stand up for yourself OP. Shout, sister, shout! Tell the whole world what it's all about.

Dawndonnaagain Mon 18-Nov-13 10:02:42

It's hard when they take a whole lot of loving and you get a handful of nothing.

expatinscotland Mon 18-Nov-13 10:03:25

Kick him out.

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