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Please help me fix boiler - me and kids freezing arses off

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monkeynuts123 Sun 17-Nov-13 19:39:02

just that really. I know not aibu but posting here for traffic. It's a worcester boiler and we had someone come on Wednesday to service it and since then its been going on and off. We have to push the reset button and sometimes it kick starts and other times nothing happens. It won't work at all tonight and the house is getting really cold. The guy who came to service it hasn't returned our calls and I'm desperate. Will call a plumber out tomorrow but in the meantime are any of you ladies a boiler or anyone's DP a boiler?

fiftyandfab Sun 17-Nov-13 21:55:30

lol at woolly I'm not a boiler.....

I had massive boiler issues in last place, usually pressure related. Are you renting? After years of issues, finally got new one installed after threatening to withhold rent....

Jaysus many fucking inept plumbers in the world...

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