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To be fucked off about Working on Christmas Day

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Flipflopskid Sat 16-Nov-13 05:28:49

I am working ( not by choice) on Christmas Day ( absent from home from the early hrs of the 24 th even...) and will not be home til gone 11 pm on the 25th, hence I will be forced to miss out on everything.

The joy has gone from my heart. I'm well fucked off I can tell you.

In the past I have always shunned the idea of Christmas in a hotel, Christmas lunch in a restaurant etc. out of respect for the poor buggers who would have to work it; like their families don't matter at all ....

God it makes me so angry that people don't think about this when booking their flight,making a reservation for a mini break etc. cos they can't be bothered to do it all themselves!

" I know lets get some other poor bastard to do it instead and hey, just for god measure, fuck up a prospective special magical parent/ kids bonding session whilst we're at it!"

Am I being unreasonable?

Debs75 Mon 18-Nov-13 12:30:37

DSIS worked Christmas the other year. She didn't like it as I'm sure most people wouldn't. The care home she works in has a decent Christmas policy though. If Christmas falls on a day you normally work then you work. There is no swapping of shifts so you can miss Christmas but you do end up doing Christmas day and New Years day.
Because of her part time hours (like all the staff) She won't do Christmas for another 2 years but she will then do Christmas and New Year for 2 straight years.

intitgrand Mon 18-Nov-13 12:03:55

'In the past I have always shunned the idea of Christmas in a hotel, Christmas lunch in a restaurant etc. out of respect for the poor buggers who would have to work it; like their families don't matter at all ....'
often people (especially the elderly)choose to go to a hotel at Christmas because otherwise they would be spending xmas alone

CaptainHammer Mon 18-Nov-13 11:48:37

I've worked every christmas/new year for the last 6 years, with the job I do it's expected.
You get used to it and enjoy fakemas instead, which is sometimes better as I draaaag it out!

Pollydon Mon 18-Nov-13 07:57:11

Ive done Xmas day half shift twice, before dc & once night shift Xmas night when dc were 6 &10.
Day was ok ( I volunteered ) night was awful.
Luckily passed exams & moved in to current career, but have huge respect for those working over Xmas.

Chunderella Mon 18-Nov-13 07:41:49

I would imagine she expected to be able to take the day off because that had previously been the arrangement Nigel. A Muslim living in the UK whose employers had previously allowed him to take annual leave for Eid but now withdrew that offer would be similarly entitled to feel fed up- it's the moving of the goalposts.

Lighthousekeeping Mon 18-Nov-13 06:46:57

I will be working it but won't be next year. It's just life.

LessMissAbs Mon 18-Nov-13 06:39:02

As a student, I worked several Christmasses in those restaurants you dont think should open. It was always a pretty popular gig, due to high wages, tips and getting to take home food.

Perhaps you should work in the UK, where you an benefit from labour laws and customs that might suit you more?

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 18-Nov-13 01:29:00

I've worked most Christmases before kids. Mainly because I worked with colleagues with children and it seemed fair and also because I work in homelessness and my massive, out of control Christmassiness works well when people are alone, unhappy and don't have anyone.

I used to love spreading a bit of cheer when people were really miserable. To my detriment, sometimes. I once worked in a youth homeless shelter where all the residents were supposed to be out for the day. I ended up cooking turkey for 14.

However, OP, you don't work with homeless kids, you don't deliver babies. Why the bollocks would you think, "yippee, I want to work Christmas". You have my permission to be hacked off.

ChristmasCareeristBitchNigel Sun 17-Nov-13 23:28:50

Am I missing something ? You live/work in Saudi and you expect them to shut up shop for a Christian festival ??

Ubik1 Sun 17-Nov-13 21:35:39

It's shit even if your job requires it. Sympathy, op.

morethanpotatoprints Sun 17-Nov-13 20:50:26


whataboutery grin

Flipflopskid Sun 17-Nov-13 20:42:04

Here herechunder

World gone mad.

Chunderella Sun 17-Nov-13 20:39:06

Also sending out particular sympathy to people whose colleagues would be glad to cover Christmas for them in return for Eid or whatever but who aren't being allowed to. Equality means everyone missing out on important holidays!

Chunderella Sun 17-Nov-13 20:36:49

Yanbu to be fed up. It fucking blows to work Christmas when you don't want to, even in a job where you knew it would happen and it's a necessary evil. Neither of those things are true in OPs case. Also, it's always a shitter when your contract is changed for the worse, without your approval. OP is quite logical to feel fed up and need a bit of a rant, and all the whataboutery is cuntish.

morethanpotatoprints Sun 17-Nov-13 20:02:40

Yes, some industries are expected to work over Christmas and a lot of these people make a huge difference to the lives of the people they work are serving/helping.

The OP works in IT, whose life will she be making a difference to by working. It isn't well known for unsociable hours and public holidays.

How would some of you like to be told that for no reason really you had to work, you'd cause an up roar.

OP, is this legal in your workplace. Do many others have to work as well?
I would talk to them/refuse to do it, maybe, depending on what your contract says.

noseymcposey Sun 17-Nov-13 19:52:58

This thread is so miserable. Of course YANBU to be fucked off about now having to work Christmas if it's something you weren't expecting.

In my industry we don't work Christmas and I'd be v v pissed off if they changed. I'm annoyed enough that we now have to work bank holidays (which is totally pointless anyway, and is always dead).

Yes some industries do, but I don't want to work in those industries!

Bearing in mind you family situation is it worth at least talking to your employers?

AngiBolen Sun 17-Nov-13 19:51:50

can you not have xmas on a different day? why must it be on the 25?

Eh? Because Father Chrismas delivers on the 24th.


Ledkr Sun 17-Nov-13 19:49:30

Nasty cow.
Yes I left too. When I asked her to change it she told me it was personal and "you are doing it!"
Some people are truly ridiculous.

Flipflopskid Sun 17-Nov-13 19:47:06


Flipflopskid Sun 17-Nov-13 19:45:18

3little my heart goes out to you.

3littlefrogs Sun 17-Nov-13 19:39:48

No point in reporting her - it wouldn't have got me anywhere.

I left. I went and did something else. Their loss.

Ledkr Sun 17-Nov-13 19:36:21

3littlefrogs how horrible, did you report her?
Mine was public sector too, they think they own us!
I worked Xmas for years previously but did feel that 3 months after my husband left us would be an exception.
Kids would have been on their own I had literally NO childcare as family were away and dh was shacked up with a young girl.
I'm 9-5 now, much better.

3littlefrogs Sun 17-Nov-13 19:31:50

Ledkr sad

I had a late miscarriage just before Christmas (years ago).

I had to stay in hospital then have a ERCP.

When I got back to work my boss had a real go at me in front of all the staff for "letting everyone down by going off sick over Christmas".

I was a midwife working on labour ward.

Flipflopskid Sun 17-Nov-13 19:24:21

I suggest that I'm being flamed for believing there is much more to life than money being made for the big cats of this world;where profit is King and the welfare of the populace on this one day of the year amounts to zero.

FortyDoorsToNowhere Sun 17-Nov-13 18:59:14

I am working this Christmas and I am looking forward to it.

I am only working till 2:30, the patients don't ask to be in hospital and I will try my hardest to make the day for them.

It's lovely as visiting rules are relaxed and there is a steady stream of relatives and the wards for once is a happy atmosphere.

Next year I am also working, but after that I will be off for a good few years.

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