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AIBU ... to STILL feel positively evangelical about electronic cigarettes? [thread 2]

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magimedi Fri 15-Nov-13 22:02:27

Here we go with thread two.


There is a great deal of information on Thread One about vaping :

I think that many of us have been able to give up smoking thanks to e-cigs & vaping & are all feeling the positive results & want to spread the message.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Thu 12-Dec-13 21:20:46

oh right, looks a bit small for me grin

Jux Thu 12-Dec-13 22:42:34

grin it's bigger and heavier than a superking.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Sun 15-Dec-13 18:12:14

Update on the EU negotiations here ...

State of negotiations. The most recent leaked negotiating text I have seen is available here. But there has been significant discussion on Friday 13th on the Council side and a technical meeting of the trilogue. The process is opaque and insular and the documentation is secret. We rely on leaks and unofficial briefings to find out what is going on – so this assessment has to be taken in that light.


In summary – its a messy half-baked muddle, but not as bad as it was. It is however, far from the public health or consumer optimum. That would involve finding a balance between managing the minor and implausible risks that the public health community have fetishised and enabling the products to compete effectively with cigarettes, which is where the huge public health dividend will actually be achieved.

Remember for snus in Sweden, amazingly positive health results were obtained with minimal regulation. Of course, the people negotiating this negligently want snus to remain banned, so we can discard the idea that doing the right thing for health is their primary concern.

Where next? On Monday 16th December starting at 18.30 in Brussels, there will be the fifth ‘trilogue’ negotiation between representatives of the European Parliament and Presidency of the European Council – this meeting is aiming to secure agreement on a text for the revised Tobacco Products Directive, and in practice that means agreeing the text for Article 18 on e-cigarettes. Each side in the negotiations then has to take it back to their institution (Parliament plenary and full European Council) and win support. If both agree with the text, it becomes law. But that agreement won’t be reached until the Parliament has voted on it at its official ‘first reading’.

Process continues into 2014. The Parliament has not yet completed its first reading – the vote and plenary on 8 October kept it open referring it back to the rapporteur and ENVI committee to pursue negotiation with the Council. If trilogue agreement is reached, it then goes back to the European Parliament plenary sometime in early 2014. The Parliament will vote on a single amendment which captures all elements of the trilogue agreement and then passes a “legislative resolution”. If passed, this would complete the Parliament’s first reading. Once that’s done, the Council can formally adopt the directive (using exactly the same text as EP legislative resolution – that was have pre-agreed with the Presidency in the trilogue). If all that happens, the deal is done and the text becomes law. This process could be completed in the first few months of next year – but the key political agreement may be struck in the trilogue on 16th December. At least that’s what most involved seem to want. That doesn’t mean it will pass though: the European Parliament plenary has already rebelled once, and agreement in the Council can never be taken for granted – given domestic politics.

So it's not too late to write to MPs and MEPs by a long way yet.

There is another Twitter Bomb tonight, 8-10pm full details here

There is also a Thunderclap due to go at 8.30pm here - you can add your name via twitter, fb, tumblr or all three.

Cantabile Tue 17-Dec-13 17:29:01

I ordered some banana from Mist e-liquid (why?), which arrived this morning. It is 0 nicotine so no good to me at all. If anyone wants it, pm and I'll post it.

It's like those yellow sweets which are shaped not like a banana, and have a not really anything like it sort-of banana flavour.

I may need help in how to be persuasive. wink

PlentyOfPubeGardens Tue 17-Dec-13 20:53:16

grin yes, why did you get 0 nic?

Look what I'm getting for xmas

and one of these which has a removable drip tip so I won't hate it like the protank I.

Cantabile Tue 17-Dec-13 21:21:51

Ooh, do tell me what it's like. I keep looking at pictures and not having the faintest idea how it would actually work.

With a drip tip, won't you have to keep adding more liquid every few minutes? Good for trying out new flavours though. Could have done with one today, tbh - 1 new flavour for me, and 3 for my brother.

Why 0 nic? I don't know! I didn't mean to; I'm just not sure whether they've made a mistake or it was me, and I can't find my order number, or the page in my history or anything, so I can't check.

FWIW, their flavours don't seem to be terribly strong (except the banana!). My brother got strawberry, mojito, and choc-and-caramel, and they weren't v strong - just as well as they seemed about as nice as the banana grin Prob won't be ordering from there again.

DoYouLikeMyBaubles Tue 17-Dec-13 21:42:07

Can someone please explain the process of cleaning them?

I've used them for months, never cleaned them but wish I could do as I got annoyed when my new apple flavour still tasted of mint.

When it stops 'smoking', is it the clear bit I replace? I've been buying new ones each time.

I'm using a Liberty Flights e-cig. Can someone also recommend a good sight for flavours?

Xmas2013MN4407 Tue 17-Dec-13 22:48:54

I didn't realise you lot had a thread going

My name is Trinity and I am a Vaper grin

I gave up fags in March and have never looked back

I love vaping, I have an Ego c+ 1000ah

I adore Double mint liquid

thistooshallpasswontit Wed 18-Dec-13 00:17:00

I've just ordered a tornado t starter kit from totally wicked with strawberry liquid. I was pretty overwhelmed by all the choice but hoping this one might be a good place to start. No idea what to expect but you have all inspired me - god I hope I can stop too.
I am utterly fed up of stinking of fags. Also really starting to look like shit and dread what the fags are doing to my body.
What else do I need to get? More liquid? Where is a good place to buy from?

Xmas2013MN4407 Wed 18-Dec-13 09:12:39

OH SHIT, I've just messed up my anonymous xmas name


Cantabile Wed 18-Dec-13 10:11:11

Xmas/T grin

Baubles, have you got the ego starter kit that's on the LF site?

I have one clearo that's probably much the same as that one. I take it apart, run it all under the tap, and leave it to airdry. But that doesn't get the old flavour out of the wick, and probably isn't good for the atomiser itself.

Have you looked on YouTube? Vapers tend to be very helpful and keen to show others how to use and look after kit.

Thistooshallpass, you'll probably need a spare battery - even the massive ego-C 1000mah battery doesn't necessarily last a whole day, and the ego-T is quite little; the corollary is that it doesn't take long to charge, but you'll still want another.

Between us, my brother and I get liquids from all over the place. Vape Escape, Flavour Vapour, TW, LF, JAC, Mist ..... Most of the UK based ones seem much of a muchness vis a vis delivery, quality and price.

My main gripe is that Flavour Vapour's 10ml bottles have right angled shoulders so very hard to get the last of the liquid out; but now I'm more sure of what my main vapes will be and how long it lasts, I'm ordering in 100ml volumes and it's no longer relevant.

QueenStromba Wed 18-Dec-13 10:11:59

Can you link us to the clearos you're using Baubles? Most have replaceable atomizers meaning you don't need to replace the whole thing.

littlemisssarcastic Wed 18-Dec-13 17:12:40

Hi everyone, well I have received my starter pack, a twin pack of Ego C4 batteries, clearomisers, charger and e liquid.

Looks great, but I think I will stick to smoking, because despite buying from Vaping Vision Ltd, there are no instructions whatsoever in the pack, and despite watching numerous you tube tutorials, which all clearly explain how you unscrew the tip to pour the e liquid down the sides of the clearomiser, I really cannot unscrew them. They don't pull off, they don't unscrew in either direction, they just don't budge 1 millimetre.

Every single tutorial on you tube shows how you unscrew them with relative ease, so I have tried and tried, and now my finger has an indent in where I have tried, but to no avail and without the eliquid in them, I don't really see the point tbh.

Was really looking forward to trying the ECig out, but obviously need more help than a tutorial.

Feeling very frustrated.

DoYouLikeMyBaubles Wed 18-Dec-13 17:28:43

canta yeah that's the one I've got.

I'm trying to figure out what part is what, all this talk of cartomizers and clearomizers is going over my head ha.

Is the bottom part just the battery? Is it the top part that needs replacing when it stops puffing?

PlentyOfPubeGardens Wed 18-Dec-13 17:44:08

littlemiss, don't give up! Is this the kit you bought? The CE4 clearomisers can be tough to open the first time but they loosen up after that, so see if you can get someone with strong hands to open it (they should unscrew anticlockwise).

If not, get in touch with Vaping Vision - it might be a faulty batch, but they're really cheap anyway and not the greatest thing on the market. If I were you I'd just get some of these - also very cheap. They open at the bottom so you might find them easier.

littlemisssarcastic Wed 18-Dec-13 17:51:46

Do you know, I have actually worked it out. grin

I have a black kanger Evod, and it doesn't unscrew at the tip, it unscrews at the base.

I have now filled up with banana juice and now have gurgling and leaking, even though I was very careful about filling, but have found this is a common problem with the kanger evod and have discovered a brilliant you tube video to show how to resolve this problem too.

So off to make tea and see if I can fix the gurgling. grin

Cantabile Wed 18-Dec-13 18:00:13

Baubles, this diagram might help It has taken me ages to get to grips with what is what! And even now there are things I'm not 100% sure of, ie, what is the name of the top half of my ego t? I discovered 2days ago that I have to replace the entire thing, rather than take it apart and put in a new atomiser sad which means throwing away the old bit, and it is soooooo beautiful and feels so nice and is just the right colour......

Cantabile Wed 18-Dec-13 18:04:03

Well done littlemiss. I often have to get someone with strong hands to undo the bits for me the first time, and did find that with one of them I was having a go at the wrong end grin Happy vaping!

PlentyOfPubeGardens Wed 18-Dec-13 18:06:04

Yay! Good luck with fixing the gurgles grin

Baubles, yes the bottom part is just a battery and the top sucky end is an atomiser/clearomiser/something else. Is this the kit you have? That's a CE4 clearomiser which are designed to be disposable - you can't change the innards - but you can try dry burning or soaking in (cheap) vodka.

Some flavours get right into the plastic though so it might be easier to have a few on the go, e.g. one for fruit flavours, one for menthols, one for tobacco ... Most of mine end up smelling of gingerbread sooner or later grin

littlemisssarcastic Wed 18-Dec-13 18:09:50

I've fixed the gurgling and leaking!! Woohooooooooo!!! I'm getting a bit light headed from all the vaping to test if it was still gurgling or not. blush

I don't seem to get much vapour, but then I don't seem to get much throat hit either, it's a little bit of each.
Is this because I might have 50/50 liquid? Is 50/50 standard?
And do I have to choose between vapour and throat hit, or can I be greedy and have both? grin

PlentyOfPubeGardens Wed 18-Dec-13 18:13:37

thistooshallpasswontit - ideally you want two of everything, so two batteries and two sucky ends <technical>

For liquids, you'll probably want to try a few before you settle on something. Joose Juice are really cheap, nice liquid and very fast delivery.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Wed 18-Dec-13 18:17:21

Oh brilliant smile Generally, for throat hit, you want higher PG and for vapour, higher VG. Higher nicotine also contributes to throat hit. standard seems to be 80/20 PG/VG.

littlemisssarcastic Wed 18-Dec-13 18:23:21

I wonder if I am vaping wrong. hmm

Would you have any tips on what I could try to increase the 'smoking' feel?
I really have to suck a few times to get any vapour. confused

PlentyOfPubeGardens Wed 18-Dec-13 18:24:41

Cantabile - With a drip tip, won't you have to keep adding more liquid every few minutes?

I think you're thinking of a dripping atomiser. I've got one of those too which I'm scared to use with the intention of testing flavours.

The mini protank 2 in that link is just a clearomiser with a glass tank that takes completely to bits. It holds about 1.5ml so about the same as other small clearos. The drip tip is just the metal bit on the end that goes in your mouth. I had a protank 1 which didn't take to bits, I was stuck with the metal drip tip and discovered I really don't like them.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Wed 18-Dec-13 18:25:53

Are you sucking too hard? It's quite different to pulling on a fag. Aim for a very gentle suck over a few seconds.

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