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I'm quite glad my DH's bike was stolen

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shhhhNewName Wed 13-Nov-13 22:00:45

Name change as I know I'll tell this story lots at Christmas (cos I lead a predictable life haha).

My DH buys amazing xmas and birthday presents. They aren't always pricey, but they are always brilliant.

I struggle when it comes to shopping for him because if he wants something he just buys it and the only things I can think of that he might like and hasn't got are waaaaay out of my budget.

A few weeks ago his bike was stolen from our driveway (he shouldn't have left it there really). It wasn't a great one but it was his bike and he didn't think it needed replacing. But now he hasn't got one at all......and he misses it.....

.....which means I get to buy him one for Christmas!!

I got a great deal too! I can't wait 'til Christmas now! I usually leave his present til last because I don't know what to get and always feel a little guilty on Christmas morning.

AIBU to be a little bit glad that his bike was stolen, because it means I got to be a brilliant gift giver this year??

shhhhNewName Thu 14-Nov-13 08:47:21

A helmet camera?! That would be awesome. I'm considering buying him a pink helmet. Just so he doesn't get too used to receiving amazing gifts wink

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