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To be irritated by these girly, weak, breathy voiced singers lately?

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somethingsnotrighthere Mon 11-Nov-13 18:45:38

It seems to be on adverts, the bloody Lidl one is the worst, it ends with a really weak "All these little thiiiings" and it drives me crackers!

Some singers are like this too, Ellie Goulding for example.

Can anyone else identify with my irritation with this?

Or worsen my irritation with suggestions of equally whiney-voiced singers you have heard? grin

Fishandjam Thu 14-Nov-13 15:47:19

Actually, yes, Ed Sheeran. What is all the fuss about? A male version of the issue at hand. Now I tend to prefer music that you can mosh along to, so my views may be a little... blinkered, but even my DH (whose tastes musically are much more catholic than mine) thinks he's rubbish.

Maybe I'm just getting old. It's all exemplified for me by the remaking of Do They Know It's Christmas a few years ago. The original was punchy, bouncy and generally brilliant. The cover was - well, flaccid is the only word I can bring to mind. When I were a lass it were all better....

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