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in being such a dirty minger

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Mylovelyboy Sun 10-Nov-13 11:19:22

I am a very clean person:
Shower twice a day
Nice clean clothes
Immaculate clean house
Beds changed once a week without fail but........I am more than happy to wear the same bra for sometimes two weeks without washing it blush
I always hand wash bras as dont like them in machine as the hooks can sometimes get caught in other stuff. I just take it off and put it on next day without batting an eyelid until this morning upon looking a the rancid thing

SweetCarolinePomPomPom Sun 10-Nov-13 15:39:09

I don't understand people who are afraid to put bras in the machine. Just buy one of those zip up bra bags. Unless you are wearing made to measure pure silk Rigby and Peller it's all a bit unnecessary.

I would say that wearing a bra for two weeks is grim, but given that you shower twice a day it's probably not as grim as it sounds.

I remember someone on here recently saying that she wore her bra for a month at a time and it didn't smell or have any dirty marks under the arms.

Liar Liar Pants On Fire is all I can say to that.

Another woman said she only washed the bath towels (used by the whole family) every three months and another woman admitted to washing her bedclothes once every six months. She said they stayed nice and clean because she was single. hmmconfused

MN is a real eye opener about people's hygiene or lack of, and their strange habits.

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