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To think that Poundland might have sold me fake Colgate?

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VulvaVoom Sat 09-Nov-13 13:41:37

Just that really. Purchased the other day, same brand I normally use, so I thought great.

Got home and it tastes a bit different and has a Thailand address on the back (it does say Colgate/Palmolive at the top of the address though).

Really don't want to put fake toothpaste in my mouth. Doubt Poundland would purchase fake goods but if they didn't know maybe?

Am I just being paranoid?!

Tiredsparrow Sun 10-Nov-13 20:47:15

My son pressed send there....

No I don't think you are being paranoid. I also bought Colgate toothpaste from poundland and both my mother and I agreed it tasted completely different! Nothing like toothpaste at all.

I haven't used it since.

sleepdodger Sun 10-Nov-13 20:48:53

I once had interview there abs asked about that kind if thing
Made for local markets so Colgate standard but not necessarily Sane as UK recipie

GhostsInSnow Sun 10-Nov-13 20:49:09

I currently have 99p store Pearl drops for "koffie & thee". Dutch apparently. Tastes fine. I did buy coco pops once from b&m and they had some kind of Arabic writing on them. The recipe must be different because they were utterly vile.

MaidOfStars Mon 11-Nov-13 09:12:12

I would NEVER buy toothpaste from Poundland/Savers/etc. My understanding is that many of the products are intended for non-UK or non-Europe markets, where recipes and product safety/testing can be different (in a way that would not be allowed in the UK/Europe). Mercury in toothpaste anyone?

That's before you consider the possibility of counterfeiting, which is acknowledged as an issue.

I'm even wary about other toiletries - isn't it still compulsory to animal test shampoo/etc for sale in China?

Perhaps I'm paranoid? smile

Retropear Mon 11-Nov-13 09:35:18

I won't be shopping there again after my candy cane experience.The fact they can sell stuff with content that is banned in the UK is worrying.Don't trust them at all now.My own fault really as I normally avoid edibles made in China as much as possible,forget to check country of origin this time but even so the fact they sold them in the first place I find concerning.

bootsycollins Mon 11-Nov-13 09:56:03

OMG Punk I had no idea about palm oil until I read your link. I'm gonna have to boycot Colgate and Palmolive now for the orangatans. Does anyone have any recommendations for ethically sourced products?

Misstree10 Thu 22-May-14 06:23:44

Hi I'm new, sorry to reignite this thread.. But I bought Colgate toothpaste from poundland for the first time last week. It leaves a horrible lingering taste in my mouth. This is not genuine Colgate, I have Colgate for years. I realised this morning the the 'R' Genuine mark is missing. If this was not fake would it not have the mark?.

chrome100 Thu 22-May-14 06:29:45

I buy all my toiletries from pound land and have never had any problems with anything - and my teeth are perfect with no fillings smile

Egerton11 Sat 10-Jun-17 13:28:43

I came across this thread whilst searching google, for some explanation as to what may have triggered an allergic reaction for me.
Firstly let me tell you that I have sensitive skin, and I have found certain products to work for me, one being Imperial Leather soap, great because the pound shops sell them and are much cheaper than supermarkets, boots etc. September 2016 I was on holiday and started with a rash, this lasted for a few months, I changed everything but my soap. Finally changed and my soap and voila no rash. So I put it down to a faulty batch, thought no more of it, and continued to use my new soap (different brand, and bought from superdrug).
My mum remembered watching a programme about how cheaper shops import brands which have different ingredients to what the UK have.
So here I am to report that last week, I dismissed the advice of mother and went back to pound land and bought the Aussie shampoo and conditioner (which actually cost me £2 each!). Now although I cant prove this directly, as I am not about to try the product again to make sure, I have come out in a severe allergic reaction. My ears have swelled, making me lose my hearing temporarily, and I have an extremely itchy and huge lumpy rash around my ears, neck and face. Im now on steroid creams for 2 weeks. Like I said I cannot make any direct correlation between my reaction and said shampoo, however as im so careful not to use just any old product then the probability is high.
Please for the sake of a couple of pound don't risk this for yourselves or children. Youll only end up spending more on prescriptions and potentially time off work.
The products wont be fake, just that they will have products in them that are clearly not used for good reason in the UK.

MikeUniformMike Sat 10-Jun-17 13:31:28

Colgate is much cheaper in Savers and other shops. Poundland rounds things up to £1 as well as down.

Cocklodger Sat 10-Jun-17 13:36:02

I once bought cereal from PL,
Chocolate pillow type things,
They smelled and tasted like paint smells (don't ask how things can taste and smell the same I've no idea, I swear I've never eaten paint grin )
'Twas grim.

halcyondays Sat 10-Jun-17 13:43:13

I've noticed quite a few toothpastes, such as supermarket own brand day made in China. Branded ones often don't even say where they are made.

halcyondays Sat 10-Jun-17 13:44:34

I try to avoid foods made in china that you get in £land/ Home Bargains etc.

scottishdiem Sat 10-Jun-17 13:59:20

Coke tastes different in the US v Mexico. Products change all over the world.

Supermagicsmile Sat 10-Jun-17 14:07:10

YANBU! The BBC did a whole programs few years ago on cheap shops selling fake versions of products like shampoo and toothpaste (without even realizing!)

Flyingprettycretonnecurtains Sat 10-Jun-17 14:19:45

Coca Cola made here in the uk in Sydenham has less sugar in it that the stuff made in Europe and America because different countries have different taste preferences and we go for least sweet whereas in America it is more so. You may find it's the concentation of the mint that varies. In uk I imagine, we like quite strong minty taste whereas elsewhere may not be.

Cocklodger Sat 10-Jun-17 14:25:09

Zombie blush

Louiselouie0890 Sat 10-Jun-17 14:35:56

I bought Mr sheen polish and thought it smelt like air freshner managed to get the cover off and it was air wick air freshner.

PickAChew Sat 10-Jun-17 14:45:31

Zombie but an interesting one. I've bought aquafresh from pl and similar which only has green and blue stripes, despite the standard colours on the. Pack. Had to stop using it because I kept getting mouth ulcers with it.

MerryInthechelseahotel Sat 10-Jun-17 15:04:36

Damn! Just read this and was about to do a shop at Home Bargains. Do you think this is the same for them too? don't care about zombie

tickwhitetick Sat 10-Jun-17 15:09:59

I'd never buy toothpaste from Poundland because most of it's from other countries where they don't put as much fluoride in as they do in the U.K.

JojoLapin Sat 10-Jun-17 15:24:58

Discounters do a lot of grey import (genuine brands but developed for other markets), products towards the end of shelf lives and smaller packs specifically designed for them. Your toothpaste is fine.

araiwa Sat 10-Jun-17 16:11:44

did ops toothpaste kill them in the last 3 years/? did all thier teeth fall out?

Millionsmom Sat 10-Jun-17 16:23:53

We live overseas and buy our toothpaste in the UK. The stuff they sell here in the Middle East is rank and you feel like you've forgotten to brush your teeth an hour after having done so.
I know each country has different recipes, but I had always thought Colgate was Colgate Fanta tastes AHMAZING though

Iggity Sat 10-Jun-17 16:34:12

May well be fake. I didn't realise fake toothpaste was big business but it is. I work for a pharma company and we also make several well known brands of toothpaste. A colleague in Legal/counterfeiting told me this is happening a lot. I would ring the customer helpline and give them details of the pack. Companies spend a lot of counterfeiting measures and the helpline will ask you for specific information to help them determine if it is. Given you bought it in poundland, it would make me suspicious.

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