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to want to leave my job or am I being pathetic?

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outsidein Thu 07-Nov-13 11:45:32

I really want to quit my (hated) job and go freelance, but of course building up a freelance business takes time and my DH wants me to stay in my 4-day a week job. But I'm just not coping with it at all and I don't know whether that's justified or whether I'm being pathetic.

My children are almost-3 and 9. Until the summer, my dh was studying and so had a lot more flexible time to help with getting children ready, being there at lunchtimes and in the evenings, sorting out the house etc. Now he is employed almost full time as well, so I get the children to school/nursery alone most days and two days a week my dd is at home alone over lunchtime (they come home for lunch where we live = nightmare!). I don't feel like she is getting enough attention with her homework etc, and don't like her being at home alone so much.

I don't like my job and find it very stressful. I am often in tears on my way to work and/or on my way home (and now, writing about it).

I know many many mothers of two manage to work full time and I don't know why I just can't cope with it at all. Maybe if I actually liked my job it would be different but I really don't. I was the breadwinner for 5 years and now that I'm not, my DH is loving have so much money but I just don't care about the money and want to feel alive again instead of this burnt out exhausted mess.

Just want some independent opinions on whether I am bu?

Donkeyok Fri 08-Nov-13 20:37:22

You did your turn supporting your dp. Can you put any money aside so that you don't have to ask for his permission but feel you have enough to cover you whilst you start up?

bellablot Fri 08-Nov-13 20:59:40

Your DH sounds like a selfish twit, this would make me very confused

Why is it okay for you to cry on the way to work and back home again, why is it okay that you do all the childcare, why isn't he helping with this? Why does his career take priority? Why can't he support you building up a freelance career when you assisted him with his career?

You need to have a serious word with him about your future and career, don't enable this behaviour

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