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If the C word is so bad, why is Scunthorpe spelt the way it is?

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paulagil Wed 06-Nov-13 14:40:10

I piss myself laughing everytime I see it on the television weather charts.

Ha ha ho ho. Or am I just warped?

openseason Thu 07-Nov-13 13:24:49

i just googled some up and came across dumb womens lane. im glad i don,t live there and penis road.

EldritchCleavage Thu 07-Nov-13 13:27:54

London used to feature some interesting street names. A friend of mine used to work on Mincing Lane where the 'mollyhouses' or gay brothels were, and in the C18 one street with a lot of brothels on it was known as Gropecunt Lane.

ILetHimKeep20Quid Thu 07-Nov-13 13:38:44

I think because I'm familiar with cockburn as a surname I've never thought anything odd about cockburnspath!

GinOnTwoWheels Thu 07-Nov-13 13:52:59


Have you never heard Mark (Radcliffe) and Lard on Radio 2? They have repeatedly referred to it as Penis Town. I and they do know the correct pronounciation. I do wonder however, if the pronounciation has 'evolved' in a similar way to Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping Up Appearances.

Coincidentally, one of our clients is based there and I had to discuss them with a colleague the other day. I was careful to refer to them as 'the Pen- nis - tun site', while in my head I was going 'Penis Town, Penis Town, Penis Town' and just about not sniggering grin.

KellyElly Thu 07-Nov-13 14:57:02

My four year old thinks the word shampoo is absolutely hilarious as 'poo' is the rudest word she knows grin

MooseBeTimeForSnow Thu 07-Nov-13 20:23:32

There's a place just outside Scunthorpe with a street called Fanny Hands Lane.

jamdonut Thu 07-Nov-13 21:02:28

I didn't think of it like that at all until this thread! shock

That's because it is Scun - thorpe...the 'cunt'blush bit doesn't sound out like that! (i.e. its not Scunt-horpe)wink

junkfoodaddict Thu 07-Nov-13 21:20:41

Paulagil you leave near me!
I live near 'The Land of Nod' which is in fact just two farmhouses down a very, very, long narrow lane in an East Yorkshire village! grin

junkfoodaddict Thu 07-Nov-13 21:21:11

Dead Lane is in Bainton!

junkfoodaddict Thu 07-Nov-13 21:24:46

Bugthorpe! Makes my southern friends giggle, of course, as does Wetwang - nice fish and chips there.

BoneyBackJefferson Thu 07-Nov-13 21:28:12

do you anal-yse everything?

GwendolineMaryLacey Thu 07-Nov-13 21:47:32

grin Sallyingforth I do take any opportunity to throw Arse Heath into the conversation when we're on the IOW!

I can only offer the nearby area of Nork

Glittertwins Thu 07-Nov-13 22:05:16

Definitely grim in Grimsby. Considering I grew up in the local area, I'm another one who never realised the Scunthorpe link, possibly as we all called it "Scummy Scunny". Oh the rose tinted naïveté!

ILikeBirds Thu 07-Nov-13 22:59:58

Can't believe someone suggested Scunthorpe United were no longer in the league!

Thisvehicleisreversing Thu 07-Nov-13 23:23:32

There's a village near me called Cockshutt.

Mildly amusing on its own but every year they have a festival named Cockfest grin grin grin

paulagil Thu 07-Nov-13 23:25:43

junkfoodaddict i think i drove past a sign for the Land of Nod and thought it was a joke. Ditto the Land of Green Ginger.

I love the street in Beverley called Old Waste. It makes the York street names look tame.

paulagil Thu 07-Nov-13 23:26:57

cockfest lolololololololol!

Twatt still wins though.

phantomnamechanger Thu 07-Nov-13 23:28:00

my nana lives near the land of nod and wetwang, always makes me smile at those names when we go up north!

Donkeyok Thu 07-Nov-13 23:31:23

There's Shitaton in Dorset

A classical music presenter with a plummy accent on radio 3 the other day referred to
'the Penis is ready to perform' (pianist)
me and my dh just looked and each other and rofl grin

phantomnamechanger Thu 07-Nov-13 23:33:01

If we're doing funny/odd street names too , I offer Bad Bargain Lane, and Dreadnought Avenue

DifferenceEngine Thu 07-Nov-13 23:34:10

Junk food and Paula.

I too live in the badlands somewhere between old waste, land of nod and Wetwang.

There's a hill nearby called caud nab ( cold nob)

DifferenceEngine Thu 07-Nov-13 23:34:49

Laxton makes me laugh too, for no real reason.

paulagil Thu 07-Nov-13 23:38:34

I've just done a bing map search for Land of Nod and it comes up next to Ladies Parlour. Who names these places??

KissesBreakingWave Thu 07-Nov-13 23:45:32

I was terribly disappointed when I learned that Muff, in Donegal, has no sub-aqua club.

PowerPants Fri 08-Nov-13 01:36:07

Shitterton is near me, and they are always getting their signposts pinched!

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