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When do you "allow" your kids to delete you from FB

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Gossipmonster Tue 05-Nov-13 22:54:56

DS1 is 16. He's a good kid, doesn't go our much, very image conscious (won't invite anyone over as we are "embarrassing" - we are quite normal). I am a single mum most of the time as OH (not his dad) is in the Navy and lives on base 600 miles away.

Made him wait till 14 to have FB he is now 16 and wants to delete me although has my parents sister etc on there. He is respectful of what he sees as my pretty strict rules (for his 16th bday he was allowed to play 18 games).

I kind of understand though that he wants his privacy and really want him to feel able to have his mates over and that I trust him - but he has his wider family on there (including his dad and his dads family who live abroad and all hate me and have blocked me) so I kind of want to monitor what he is putting out there.

Argh what do I do? Or do I just tell him to make another account for just his mates?

jellybeans Wed 06-Nov-13 23:02:09

I'm fb friends with all my DC, eldest is 17. They don't mind as long as I don't try join I with 'teenage stuff'. I keep an eye on them if worried and made DD delete her askfm as sometimes they don't seem to see the dangers and the fact it is public forever and potential employers etc can easily find stuff about your private life if you post all on sundry.

kaumana Wed 06-Nov-13 23:02:13

He really hasn't figured FB out yet and neither have you. I would suggest that you make a point of using social media and learning how to block/ hide info from people.

littlewhitebag Thu 07-Nov-13 14:22:02

Actually they do leave it open, especially my elder DD. There has never been anything on it that worried me when i did look. I am sure they would hide things from me if they had to but i honestly don't believe they have anything to hide. I have a pretty open and frank relationship with my girls.

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