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AIBU to think that they're usually not as good

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ZekeSnapSnap Sat 02-Nov-13 22:03:40

Just finished watching World War Z. I love the book, think it's really great but the film? Nope, not great at all, so disappointed. Now I'm hoping for a TV series instead, maybe that would be closer to the book I love.

Don't get me wrong, the zombies were freaky as hell, snapping and biting and screeching-yup scarier then the book, and faster too I think.

But the, a disappointment to me.

Which spurned the question with the three friends that I watched it with- are there any movies (or TV shows) made from books which are better then the book? Or at least as accurate?

I had to say no to the majority for myself, with the exception of 'The Shining' and Pride and Prejudice which I thought was as good as the book. I just wondered what everyone else thought, AIBU for thinking 90% of books to film/tv are crappier then the book?

Can anyone recommend any books to film which are better or the same, or does anyone want to join me in disappointing ones?

Goes to read World War Z again

PacificDogwood Sun 03-Nov-13 09:23:57

Amen to that, Tigga

dawntigga Sun 03-Nov-13 09:22:51

Really? Watchmen? I thought it stuck ridiculously close to the graphic novel and was poorer for it. I love the book and the film that was very nearly exactly the same, should have worked, it didn't. It did change my mind on adaptations though and I don't think of them as the same work now iyswim.


GiveItYourBestFucker Sun 03-Nov-13 09:20:34

The TV adaptation of Iain Banks The Crow Road was better than the book, I thought. Complicity was also very good but I love Jonny Lee Miller so this might make me biased.

PacificDogwood Sun 03-Nov-13 09:08:13

HP books are not the best written literature ever, but the plot did suck me in and the bigger themes (loss of parent, resilience in the face of adversity, friendship etc). The movies were just wrong. Except for Hagrid grin

Watchmen was good - haven't read the books/comics.

I did not understand the 'cure' in WWZ - why did he not become ill and die from the cure?? confused
Everything that's been said here makes me want to read the book now smile

MadeOfStarDust Sun 03-Nov-13 09:03:22

Stephen King's The Stand - tv adaptation was as good, if not better than the book....

Stardust, Inkheart were both much better as films...

Also the Harry Potter books left me a bit cold - I gave up after too many he said, she said bits... the films were ok.....

Morgause Sun 03-Nov-13 08:59:17

The film Dr Zhivago is better than the book. It finishes at the point the book gets really tedious. Likewise with Wuthering Heights.

NannyR Sun 03-Nov-13 08:57:27

I watched WWZ last night and thought it was ok but not a patch on the book.
However I remember reading when it came out, that they completely re filmed the ending as the original didn't go down well with audience; does anyone know what the original ending was? Was it more true to the book where there isn't cure?

YouTheCat Sun 03-Nov-13 00:14:24

Totally agree about Watchmen - love that film.

Also Wanted.

Pinkpinot Sun 03-Nov-13 00:07:18

A time to kill

The perfect storm

JulietBravoJuliet Sun 03-Nov-13 00:03:55

I have a love/hate relationship with SK stuff; some of its brilliant but some is complete drudge! Just really enjoyed the first season of Under The Dome but didn't really like the book.

JulietBravoJuliet Sun 03-Nov-13 00:00:55

LOTR, GOT and Hunger Games all as good as, if not better than, the books IMO. HP was a huge disappointment as I read the books first and nothing was how I imagined it to be in my head. Watched PS I Love You recently and it was shocking, yet I loved the book. I'm generally disappointed in films when I've read the book first though.

PinkFairyArmadillo Sat 02-Nov-13 23:47:09

A lot of comic purists probably won't agree with me but I thought Watchmen was a superb adaptation. I do like the comic graphic novel but the ending is just so unbelievably ridiculous that it doesn't feel very satisfying. I thought the film ending was a bit neater and more in line with the rest of the story. There were some bits left out which I would have liked to have seen but it's inevitable there must be cuts somewhere. Excellent casting as well, they definitely went for the 'right' actors rather than big names.

The Mist is another good one, I think the film's ending better. Even SK himself says he wishes he'd thought of it grin

Other than 1408, The Green Mile and Shawshank unfortunately most SK adaptations are dire.

ThePinkOcelot Sat 02-Nov-13 23:44:51

Another one who thinks the film PS I love you was piss poor. So far removed from the book.

I know not a film, but I think True Blood the series got absolutely pathetic after the first couple.

HepsibarCrinkletoes Sat 02-Nov-13 23:30:03

Zeke - yes I did and I absolutely loved it, and was really looked forward to the film. The film was brilliant, but Leo should not have been cast IMO; I think Ewan McGregor would have been excellent.

crazyspaniel Sat 02-Nov-13 23:27:31

Girl with a Pearl Earring - film much better than the book.

Charlesroi Sat 02-Nov-13 23:22:22

The Life of Pi was very well done.

ZekeSnapSnap Sat 02-Nov-13 23:21:51

Gordy, I'm hoping for a sequel where natural immunity makes that obsolete! The survival, hope and sheer determination and dark sorrow is what makes apocalyptic fic and media so compelling- the film had a bit of it but nowhere near as much as the book.

ZekeSnapSnap Sat 02-Nov-13 23:20:05

HepsibarCrinkletoes, did you read the book first? I know my friend read Twilight before seeing and was so so disappointed in RP because she said he was nothing like the Edward in the book.

gordyslovesheep Sat 02-Nov-13 23:19:12

some of my fave bits as well - like the downed pilot. also why did there have to be a cure? there isn't in the book - it comes down to weather, human endurance and war not Brad Pit in a lab with some Typhoid !

ZekeSnapSnap Sat 02-Nov-13 23:18:37

BatPenguin, I think where I work gave me points in the quiz though looking at WWZ film I somehow doubt it I'd have them. I've read many zombie novels yet I'm torn between barricading and holing up and finding a cruise ship and getting on board.

HepsibarCrinkletoes Sat 02-Nov-13 23:17:03

The Beach could have been better than the book if Leo hadn't got the job. I still absolutely loved both though.

Trainspotting - awesome in both forms.

ZekeSnapSnap Sat 02-Nov-13 23:16:43

littlemissnormal I like dark and disturbing, time to download.

Gordy, they did miss out some bits, there was a lot of darkness that was pretty creepy in the book that was missed in the film. The film had it's own freakiness with the zombies themselves, especially in the WHO.

McRoo I love the films, haven't read the books though. I think any people mentioned the last one being a bit rubbish so I may miss that one out.

YouTheCat, the film or book? Or both?

PacificDogwood Sat 02-Nov-13 23:15:18

Oh, I detest Bridget Jones in all media grin

Thanks, Cat, so I've heard too. I was hoping as I did not like the book, maybe by reverse logic I would therefore enjoy the film?! wink
May still watch it, just for the frocks <shallow>

BatPenguin Sat 02-Nov-13 23:14:01

Oh shit Thurlow sorry! blush if it helps I really don't think it will happen.

zeke, impressive. I will have to PM you in the event of an apocalypse.

And if Cardiff is the place to be as in world war z this is good news as I am 20 mins away, smashing

YouTheCat Sat 02-Nov-13 23:13:33

The Great Gatsby is apparently a huge disappointment.

But I'm not a fan of Baz.

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