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To think that Paul Hollywood..

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skillsandtea Thu 31-Oct-13 08:06:20

..has only said that he regrets his affair because he has a tour to promote?

MrsDavidBowie Thu 31-Oct-13 08:11:54

I went to the recording of JR show last night, and he spoke about it briefly then.

And then plugged his new show/book/celebrity GBBO etc grin

harryhausen Thu 31-Oct-13 08:14:24

Yanbu to think it, but you'd be being a bit of a cynical cow I think.

I listened to that interview. He said it was the biggest mistake of his life, he still loved his wife and was hoping to work on getting back together but he didn't know if it was too late etc, that they both needed time and space to work on it.

He never he would never go back to the US to work on another Bake Off series.

Seemed totally genuine to me.

harryhausen Thu 31-Oct-13 08:15:17

I don't know about the JR show. I meant the Richard Bacon 5live interview.

ladymariner Thu 31-Oct-13 08:19:15

YANBU op, I wondered if he'd be saying that if the show in the States hadn't been a flop and he and Marcela hadn't split.....grass isn't greener, Paul, just fed with more bullshit!

Sleepyhead33 Thu 31-Oct-13 08:24:25

I don't think he has the option of going back to the states does he? wasn't the show a big flop there?

The same thought had crossed my mind. He must see what a dent it has made to his image. Now many women look at him and think typical, Middle aged...

I wonder if he thinks it was worth it? I think this about many partners who cheat and leave their partner and children. Do they all get to a point eventually where they see that the grass wasn't greener?
Obviously this happens quicker if they are then dumped by the other women-which by all accounts PH has?

TooTabooToBOOOOO Thu 31-Oct-13 08:26:49

I hope his wife doesn't take him back. He was quick enough to cast her aside when he found someone better, she needs to hold her resolve and tell him to fuck off.

harryhausen Thu 31-Oct-13 09:09:29

Whether his wife takes him back or not (or should) I still think it's possible that PH genuinely thinks he's made a terrible mistake and regrets every minute without it being about promoting a book/tour.

Gbbo got over 9million viewers last series and us moving to bbc1. He's hardly a professional failure.

TooTabooToBOOOOO Thu 31-Oct-13 09:18:56

I believe he fully realises that he has truly messed up, his relationship and his public image. He probably feels miserable about it and terribly regrets everything

Shame that.

Whether his remorse is anything to do with publicity? Screams of damage limitation to me. But then I'm a cynical hag grin

LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance Thu 31-Oct-13 09:19:30

If he genuinely regretted the affair and wanted to make his marraige work, surely the last thing he would be doing is saying so in the media and therefore subjecting his wife to more media attention, He wouldn't be saying it , he would be doing it.
The man's an arse, at best.

TheWomanTheyCallJayne Thu 31-Oct-13 09:21:46

Too - found someone better? Better than him maybe grin

nonmifairidere Thu 31-Oct-13 09:22:35

And I should care about this because......?

YouTheCat Thu 31-Oct-13 09:25:04

I agree with LetsFace - this is all for the media. If it was for his wife and kids he'd be quietly attending Relate and trying to fix things out of the public glare.

TheHeadlessLadyofCannock Thu 31-Oct-13 09:28:29

Yes, the US version flopped and has been canned.

I agree with YouTheCat. Get on with sorting it out quietly, Hollywood, or fuck off and leave her to find someone less orange better.

Jungfraujoch Thu 31-Oct-13 09:30:32

Think he needs to change his PR if that's what they are telling him to do- don't think he comes across as genuine.

BalloonSlayer Thu 31-Oct-13 09:38:42

I have never watched GBBO so have never seen him "at work" so to speak but every time I read an interview with him I am struck my his incredible egocentricity.

In one, in the Radio Times a year or so back (can't find it, so I am paraphrasing) he constantly turned innocuous questions into opportunities to say about how famous he is, and how many women fancy him, and how people say he looks like Elvis but he can't see it himself. hmm It went a bit like this: Q: What do you watch on TV? A: Well I certainly don't watch myself! People say I'm a sex symbol but I can't see it myself.

Another one in the RT after he had split from his wife, he spoke of his son. It went something like: "My son is everything to me. He came from school the other day and said he had to write about someone famous and he had picked me. I said "I'm not famous" and he said "You are, Dad." I cried !" grin

I read that one out to DH and even he was shock Even when talking about loving his son he has to try to turn it into how fabulous and famous he is.

In the most recent set of interviews with him, before this one, he denied having an affair at all, saying darkly "you don't know the full story" which implies that his wife was at fault. I think that shows what sort of a guy he is.

And in answer to the question "Why, if you cannot stand the guy and never watch the programme, are you reading all the interviews he gives?" - I read them because the first one which I read idly not even knowing who he was, shocked and amused me with his rampant conceit so much that I now read every interview with him looking for some more . . . and I am never disappointed.

He also refers to himself in the third person. Another "ding" on the Twatometer.

LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance Thu 31-Oct-13 09:41:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance Thu 31-Oct-13 09:43:08

I wish I hadn't posted that now. Not for his sake though.sad

Ginocchio Thu 31-Oct-13 09:45:17

nonmifairidere because you posted here. And unless someone died and made you the President of ConversationLand, then it's quite rude to interrupt someone else's conversation to tell them how uninterested you are in their choice of subject matter. Would you do that in a cafe? I assume not, so don't do it here.

<gets off soapbox>

YouTheCat Thu 31-Oct-13 09:46:52

He reminds me of Gilderoy Lockhart. grin

His wife is well shot. Hope she's a MNetter.

deepfriedsage Thu 31-Oct-13 09:49:34

I hope his wife doesn't take him back. Is there no end to his lies, he denied he had an affair now admits it to sell books.

deepfriedsage Thu 31-Oct-13 09:51:08

Let'sfacethemusic, he has traits.

ReindeerBollocks Thu 31-Oct-13 09:54:28

He was too quick to call time on his marriage because he found fame and 'love' in USA - until both the mistress and the tv companies told him to fuck off back home.

I used to think he was just a bit arrogant, now I think he's a full blown wankbadger. I hope his wife does whatever makes her happy, whether that be with or without PH.

LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance Thu 31-Oct-13 09:54:53

I've reported my post because it might cause upset to other mumsnetters who might consider it a glib and offhand comment -which it isn't.

LessMissAbs Thu 31-Oct-13 10:20:13

Easy enough to say he regrets it after the act.

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