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regarding pumpkins. My children think so.

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DevilsRoulette Mon 28-Oct-13 21:03:16

I have bought two culinary pumpkins instead of those really huge things.

This way, the kids can do a pumpkin each, and I can make a pie and roast the seeds, because those giant pumpkins don't appear fit for anything.

However, I apparently just don't get it.

I agree. I don't. ok, they are small, but at least nothing's wasted. right?

SPsTombRaidingWithCliff Mon 28-Oct-13 21:04:13

YABU. Huge pumpkins to carve only. You then let them rot and listen to children cry because they don't last forever.

RedHelenB Mon 28-Oct-13 21:04:24

Spoilsport! you need a big pumpkin!

MarlenaGru Mon 28-Oct-13 21:05:13

I usually make soup, pie etc from the large pumpkins. I don't waste food but I do love a giant pumpkin!

Preciousbane Mon 28-Oct-13 21:05:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

parakeet Mon 28-Oct-13 21:07:38

Huh? Are you planning to eat it after it's been carved, had grubby mitts all over it, dragged around for a couple of days, and generally manhandled?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 28-Oct-13 21:09:20

Oooh you need a huge pumpkin (I am wondering when they're going to reduced the price though)

I love getting my hand in there to pull out the seeds and the stringey bits <<gross>> thlgrin

Strumpetron Mon 28-Oct-13 21:09:40

I think you use the insides parakeet?

DevilsRoulette Mon 28-Oct-13 21:10:24

Can't see your profile, preciousbane.

I had a feeling you lot would side with the kids grin

Can you really use the flesh of the giant pumpkins? I always thought that it was vile.

Strumpetron Mon 28-Oct-13 21:11:35

70isaLimite noooooo thats awful!

I have a phobia (trypophobia) and I literally can't look at the seeds and stringy bits. DP was doing one earlier and I felt sick even though I couldn't see it.... made the mistake of putting something in the bin and all the seeds were on top. Queue me bursting into tears and shaking. Feel like a right gobshite but I can't help it. It's making me feel funny describing it yakkkk. I wish I were like you!

DevilsRoulette Mon 28-Oct-13 21:11:50

grin No.

I scoop it all out, they use the outside and I make stuff with the innards.

ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmmmmmmmmm Mon 28-Oct-13 21:12:42

" Culinary pumpkins " grin

MrsBennetsEldest Mon 28-Oct-13 21:12:45

YABU. Small pumpkins?? How could you do that to them. Poor kids. Someone call SS.

DevilsRoulette Mon 28-Oct-13 21:12:53

xpost, sorry to hear that, strumptron, that can't be very nice for you.

SecretWitch Mon 28-Oct-13 21:13:30

YANBU. I am designated pumpkin gutter in my home. A reasonable sized gourd is what we get. When my children reach gutting and carving age, they can buy a big assed pumpkin and go to town.

Strumpetron Mon 28-Oct-13 21:14:03

Tis only once a year so it's okay, its a shame because I love pumpkins all carved and looking cool!

We now have a Jack The Pumpkin King one sitting on our table, it's dead good.

DevilsRoulette Mon 28-Oct-13 21:14:48

Is that poncy? blush I only called them that cos that's how tesco described them. You had giant pumpkins, large pumpkins and culinary pumpkins.


they are yellow rather than bright orange too.

Have I really shortchanged the kids then? grin

MissBeehiving Mon 28-Oct-13 21:15:37

I have 2 enormous pumpkins sitting grinning evilly at me, at the moment. Size isn't everything but with pumpkins, it most definitely is. I feed the pumpkins to the chickens when we're done with them, which they love.

MissBeehiving Mon 28-Oct-13 21:16:20

Those poor children will be scarred for life wink

SoftSheen Mon 28-Oct-13 21:17:58

Yes, 'culinary' pumpkins are a different variety that are good to eat. Carving pumpkins get really big but aren't great for eating.

Strumpetron Mon 28-Oct-13 21:19:18

DPs effort

AmberLeaf Mon 28-Oct-13 21:23:33


Ive cooked with a big orange pumpkins entrails. It went in soup and was lovely.

Orange ones are also easier to carve.

5madthings Mon 28-Oct-13 21:24:03

Just HOW small are they?

I didn't get huge pumpkins this year, ds4's has been made to look like a vampire, we even made it a cape. Its not big but looks cool.

I still have another to carve...

MarlenaGru Mon 28-Oct-13 21:25:12

I carved oranges too one year...

DevilsRoulette Mon 28-Oct-13 21:26:25

They're a reasonable size, about the size of a melon. Not a watermelon, maybe a galia.

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