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To wonder where this 'storm' is

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WholeNutt Sun 27-Oct-13 22:04:51

5am we had a pathetic attempt at a thunderstorm, it's been a gorgeous day today only just started raining. I have torches, curtains and windows open ready to enjoy 'St Jude's' but nothing...why do we bother having a weather forecast!

Disclaimer: While I enjoy a few gusts and thunder and lightening I in no way want a huge storm that will affect others in any negative way*

Pixel Mon 28-Oct-13 14:07:35

Sussex police were reporting 125 trees down by 6.30am (and those were the ones they knew about, blocking roads or whatever) so hardly 'nothing' as any one of those could have killed someone.

I don't think it's as bad as 87 (haven't seen any houses with walls or roofs missing round here anyway) but it was a nasty storm and it's still very gusty here. I've lost half my fence and the way it's going the rest will probably follow as it's rocking to and fro alarmingly.

I for one am glad we had some warning this time, even if some people are saying 'meh'.

FrankelInFoal Mon 28-Oct-13 14:08:00

It's definitely not a fuss about nothing: BBC are reporting 270,000 homes without power, 2 people are dead, another 2 are currently listed as missing after a tree fell on a house and caused a gas explosion. There is also severe transport disruption all over East/South East.

QueenofLouisiana Mon 28-Oct-13 14:13:33

Lots of trees damaged here, the council workers have done really well clearing the roads. The whole thing lasted less than an hour here, but you can tell it was very windy.

sheldor Mon 28-Oct-13 14:17:34

Oh fgs it was a fuss over nothing here,where i had an amber warning.Like i said a bit of wind and rain HERE.Stop taking offence when there isn't any

nennypops Mon 28-Oct-13 14:33:03

Who's taking offence? People are simply correctly observing that 27000 homes without power, a number of people killed and massive disruption isn't a fuss over nothing. No-one ever claimed that the storm would cover the entire country.

toffeesponge Mon 28-Oct-13 14:38:24

Well at least 3 people have died and another is missing so yes, YABU and rather silly to wonder where the 'storm' is when it isn't due yet and when it wasn't expected to hit the whole of the UK.

Mitchy1nge Mon 28-Oct-13 14:39:30

150 000 homes without power in east anglia, don't know about the rest of england

sheldor Mon 28-Oct-13 14:40:27

I know and i'm very sorry to the people affected but i wasn't on about other places just my own.

sheldor Mon 28-Oct-13 15:12:21

i apologize as i feel awful.I didn't mean it in an offensive way just that nothing happened here though it was reported to(i'm lucky i know).I didn't mean people are making a fuss over nothing in places where people are being killed etc.I hadn't watched the news when i had posted that.Sorry again

Tanith Mon 28-Oct-13 15:27:14

It's so difficult to predict the weather accurately in these islands where just one change in wind direction can make all the difference.

The man who invented weather forecasts is reputed to have got it wrong so often, he committed suicide. If only he'd been born on the continent instead of in these fickle isles...

fanjofarrow Mon 28-Oct-13 19:58:48

The couple of towns near me I was on about earlier (Herts) are still without power.

digerd Mon 28-Oct-13 20:24:49

I am in S.Herts, but survived with a bit of flickering of lights and phone beeping on and off for a few minutes. But not far from us they did have a power cut.
Later I saw a west facing house with 4 fence panels blown out of their concrete posts. Branches and twigs in the open dog walks broken off, but otherwise no serious damage.
Bushes grown up both sides of fences protect them. Also a real sturdy feather edge fence as I have.

candycoatedwaterdrops Tue 29-Oct-13 18:14:40

I'm South Herts too. Our public transport was all messed up but it only takes a couple of leaves on the tracks 'round here to cause chaos.

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