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To want a refund (eBay)

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Swimbikerun Sat 26-Oct-13 20:48:52

I bought an old sofa and armchair on eBay and when I tried to organise pick up (I suggested any evening or sometime at weekend) was basically told to pick up at a certain hour long slot. When I told seller I couldn't make this time was not given any alternatives. So changed my husbands plans (unable to hange mine) so he could pick up for me.

When I got home I discovered that neither were in the condition mentioned in the description and are unusable until I or someone else refurbishes them.

I might have sill bought one if this had been mentioned in the description, but def not both. The price would have reflected the condition too.

The seller says tough. I picked them up so my problem, and I knew they were vintage so I should have been aware they needed restoring.

AIBU to want a refund as they weren't as described?

sherazade Sat 26-Oct-13 20:52:42

Why didn't you husband check them before picking them up? sounds awful but I think its too late now.

Swimbikerun Sat 26-Oct-13 20:58:25

We were meant to go together so I could deal with it, but because the seller insisted that she could only make this one hour slot, I had something prearranged with my 3 dc so sent him on his own.

If they had been picked up by a courier though, they wouldn't have been checked either.

sherazade Sat 26-Oct-13 21:20:04 why didn't he check it?

sherazade Sat 26-Oct-13 21:21:41

you see, if they had been sent by courier,you'd be reasonable to complain, but the fact is , according to the seller, the buyer had the opportunity to check it and surely would have sent someone responsible enough to check it rather than just saying nothing then complaining later. I do feel for you but I really do think your dh should have used his common sense rather than accepting the junk in the first place.

Swimbikerun Sat 26-Oct-13 21:24:46

I didn't ask him to! Just Asked him to pick it up. Was only when I sat down and nearly fell through the sofa that I realised the webbing was gone. Looked at the armchair to find a piece of wood nailed over the webbing that had already broken.

Surely those things should be in the description?

sherazade Sat 26-Oct-13 21:26:39

Threaten to leave damaging feedback it normally does the trick

lljkk Sat 26-Oct-13 21:28:01

NBU, but Collection is one of the few times Ebay tends to favour the seller. At least, you probably can't use Ebay to force a refund.

You can try opening a case for SNAD. If you lose (fair chance) you won't be able to leave feedback (I think).

I think I would ask on the Ebay Buyer's boards about your best way forward to get a refund or at least some kind of satisfaction.

sarahtigh Sat 26-Oct-13 21:31:18

that of course should have been in the description but if case was raised the seller only needs to say you collected in person and had chance to check them over, also as payment in case can't force a refund and no seller is going to take paypal for collection only items

your Dh should have checked suitable before removing

legally it would be assumed unless proved otherwise that having arrived and inspected gods the fact that you took them implies satisfaction

you have no chance of a refund but polite factual negative feedback is the way to go and low DSR
" seller difficult about pick-up, items in worse condition than described could not recommend seller"

sarahtigh Sat 26-Oct-13 21:33:26

if you open SNAD case you will be asked to return for a refund unless you send back at huge expense tracked the seller can claim not received anyhow and of course even if return there is no way ebay can force a cash refund

Swimbikerun Sat 26-Oct-13 21:35:20

You are all right. Dh should have looked at them. I am annoyed that I will have o deal with it. Still, I could learn the art of furniture restoration. It can't be that difficult or
time consumining......

GhostsInSnow Sat 26-Oct-13 23:01:55

Please don't threaten to leave bad feedback. This is called "feedback extortion". If you leave negative feedback after threatening to eBay can and will remove it. All your seller has to do is show eBay the message where you threaten this and it will be gone.

GhostsInSnow Sat 26-Oct-13 23:03:38

To add to the above, one you have exhausted your possibilities you should certainly leave negative feedback and low stars, just don't use this as leverage beforehand.

Swimbikerun Sun 27-Oct-13 07:33:44

Think I will just suck it up and leave some factual feedback as suggested by sarahtigh I certainly don't want to be blackmailing someone over negative feedback.

lljkk Sun 27-Oct-13 08:23:14

I just clocked the "vintage" bit. How vintage are they? Are they actually collector's items?

greenfolder Sun 27-Oct-13 08:26:44

just relist them! seriously- that is the thing about ebay- if it isnt what you want, someone will have them.

sarahtigh Sun 27-Oct-13 17:01:25

it is not feedback exhortation however to say,

" there is a problem with this item xyz ... etc etc, I would like to solve this amicably before either opening case or leaving feedback"

it is feedback exhortation to say I will leave negative feedback unless i get partial refund of £2 or you send me a extra xyz

merely mentioning feedback is not extortation

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