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To expect to be called my married name and not my maiden name ?!

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thursdaysgirls Fri 25-Oct-13 09:39:36

Got married in August. ]

Changed my name with GPs, dentist, both banks, etc etc.

Gets a letter from hospital last week "Miss C Blue" for example when I am now "Mrs C Red".

Its probably the lack of sleep but I almost cried this morning when calling the GP for an appointment to be told "We dont have a Mrs Red on the system, but your details match up with Miss Blue, is that you?"

SO frustrating. I'm totally PMSing this week too.

gintastic Mon 28-Oct-13 22:12:36

My full legal first name is one that 99.9% of the time is a male name (cheers Mum!). When I got to university, they had me down as Mr Gin Tastic, which I promptly wrote, with birth certificate, to get changed. They acknowledged it. 11 times over the next 4 years, I rewrote to them to try and change it and each time they said it had been done. I got a letter shortly after graduation congratulating me on my 1st Class Honours addresses to Mr Gin Tastic. I was v v v not amused at this point. Luckily, certificate just says Gin Tastic, with no title...

But it's not the GP's who keep the records really is it, it's the receptionists/admin bods. And from what I can see they have plenty of time in between greeting patients (with such a warm smile - sorry our surgery could do better) and answering the phone (half hour window only) when they could be updating any records - such as from someone going in six times with her marriage cert to check she is registered in her new married name?
I mean, you'd think they might remember that?

FreeWoooooooo Wed 30-Oct-13 17:55:47

heartisaspade what I'm saying is that if it matters to the OP pointing out stuff like "well would you rather they got your blood tests right or your name right?" isn't particularly helpful to someone with bipolar. Actually I don't think it's too much to ask that they get both things right. And some might say if they can't get the small stuff like name changes right, who's to say they get the blood test results right? In fact, how can the OP even be sure they're her test results if they don't submit them in the name she gave them or they might not release them to her over the phone because there's confusion over her identity?

Councils have had to trade services rather than provide their own because (in my experience in my local council) the services were badly run under public sector leadership and weren't meeting customer needs. So they are now traded, i.e. the council commissions an outside, possibly private often not for profit, company to provide the service. The council still has responsibility for meeting the customer needs and if the company they've commissioned doesn't meet targets then the contract can be withdrawn. So we haven't really privatised our council services, they're just being provided through an externally commissioned contract rather than internally commissioned. And often the performance measures required by the contracts include customer satisfaction levels. I am a bit fan of being asked to rate services because I know (because it's me doing it!) that the data is analysed to provide better services in future and used in the tendering process of new contracts.

FortyDoorsToNowhere Wed 30-Oct-13 19:28:10

In this case, it's just a change of name after a marriage.

I know of someone who went through a lot, she changed her name and 300 miles away in hope her ex could never trace her. A simple thing like a GP or bank not changing her name and having a letter posted to her would had made her a nervous wreck.

GobbolinoCat Wed 30-Oct-13 19:29:14

I just take it as a given now that people have not changed me over, esp the dentist.

AnyFuckerReporting Wed 30-Oct-13 19:40:12

I got married in July and am having the same problems grin.

I feel almost embarrassed to correct people as it isn't really a big deal but it matters to me iykwim.

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