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to be annoyed about employee on FB?

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unidentifiednonflyingobject Thu 24-Oct-13 16:55:34

For health reasons I need someone to look after our DC. Is it unreasonable for me to be irritated when I can see that she is regularly online using FB when looking after our children whilst out-and-about?
If you think I am NBU, should I say something? It shrieks of weird internet stalker behaviour when actually I can just see the green light by her name!

phantomnamechanger Thu 24-Oct-13 16:58:33

erm, unless she is totally ignoring them and letting them run wild, what's the problem? You can FB (or indeed, MN) while still keeping an eye on kids playing on the park and stuff!

JoannaBaxterIsARudeFucker Thu 24-Oct-13 16:58:50

My mobile seems to show me as being on FB all the time. Even when I'm not.

So I wouldn't do/say anything rash TBH.

HarderToKidnap Thu 24-Oct-13 16:59:04

How old are your kids? I think it's fine to take them to the park and let them loose, or soft play. Plus she could be logged on on her phone but not looking at Facebook. Are your kids happy with her?

SourSweets Thu 24-Oct-13 16:59:11

Sometimes it leaves you logged in even if you're not actually using it. If if looks like she's on there all the time then that might be why. Is she actively posting etc in that time? If she was I'd be inclined to comment "get back to work!"

orangepudding Thu 24-Oct-13 16:59:22

Is she posting through out the day or just online? If she has it on her mobile the green light may be on whether she is looking at it or not.

QuietNinjaTardis Thu 24-Oct-13 16:59:44

Does that just mean you're logged in though? I'm permanently logged in because fb is on my iPad and I'm always logged on. This might look like I'm permanently on Facebook when really I only look at it a couple of times a day for a min or two.

KirjavaTheCorpse Thu 24-Oct-13 17:01:13

I'm always online when I'm not, because I don't log out on my phone. Is she liking things, posting statuses and engaging in public conversations every five minutes, or is she just online?

AngelsLieToKeepControl Thu 24-Oct-13 17:01:48

I have the app on my tablet and the green light is on all the time. I have to switch chat off to show me as offine so it looks like I am on 24/7 when I am only on about once a week.

GoldiChops Thu 24-Oct-13 17:02:19

My friend told me off for not saying hi or replying to stuff on FB. When I wasn't on. Turns out it always seems to say I'm on- even when I'm miles from my off computer. Are you 100% she is actually on and using? Maybe she leaves her laptop on a home with the window open, or anything!

NicknameIncomplete Thu 24-Oct-13 17:02:33

If she is always posting on FB when she is working I would have a word however as others have said she could just be logged in but not actually using it.

mercibucket Thu 24-Oct-13 17:04:08

the green light means pretty much nothing

it will make you sound petty and controlling if that is all you are going on

ShatnersEmptyCatacomb Thu 24-Oct-13 17:04:25

Are you certain she's constantly active on Facebook?

mercibucket Thu 24-Oct-13 17:05:52

if she is an employee though, not a childminder, i guess you could put 'no use of social media' in the contract

KhunZhoop Thu 24-Oct-13 17:09:14

If they ban using the internet whilst looking after children, MN will be an extremely dull place.

usualsuspect Thu 24-Oct-13 17:12:26

The green light means nothing.

usualsuspect Thu 24-Oct-13 17:14:12

I'm always getting messages from people who think I'm on line when I'm not.

Groovee Thu 24-Oct-13 17:34:57

The green light means nothing. It doesn't mean she is on facebook unless she is actually posting and you can see that!

unidentifiednonflyingobject Thu 24-Oct-13 17:53:36

Thanks for the green light insight! I can actually see stuff she has done. I guess it's a bigger picture than just FB though. But wanted to check this particular issue out with MNers who would know!

unidentifiednonflyingobject Thu 24-Oct-13 17:55:07

HardertoKidnap: they are not old enough to be left unwatched! Oh well.

UncleT Thu 24-Oct-13 18:08:14

I would think it rather depends on the extent of her activity. If she's posting all the time then clearly it's not acceptable. If it's the occasional post in a quieter moment, there really are worse things that happen at sea. As everyone else has already said, ignore the green light.

hettienne Thu 24-Oct-13 18:14:27

Do you have anything about using social media during work hours in the nanny's contract?

Do you know the exact circumstances when she is using her phone? Might be while children are napping, or while she is supervising them in the sandpit/at softplay.

Seems a bit odd to be FB friends with your nanny tbh. I think you need to keep the relationship professional.

SlangKing Thu 24-Oct-13 18:55:01

I'm not sure if this is true for smartphones, but for PC's - If you have an always-on connection there are only TWO ways to log out of FB and its ilk. 1 - Logging out of FB on their logout button. 2 - Closing your browser. If you turn off your PC or it crashes, answering YES to any "do you want to continue your session" message will log you back in even if you don't revisit the site. Navigating away in the same window/tab won't log you out. Anomalies aside (ISP crashes/resets, piddling around with your modem/IP number) if you don't do 1 or 2 (above) you could potentially be logged into FB for all eternity,, even if all you ever did there was register. An FB user's activity is the only indication of the time they spend there.

Unexpected Thu 24-Oct-13 18:56:39

Does your nanny get an uninterrupted lunch hour or break during the day? Most childcarers don't and have to grab some down time where they can find it. Although FB may show that your nanny is constantly on-line while she is not, would it really be so awful if she grabbed a minute here and there to post something or upload a pic while at the park with your children? Most people could do that even while guiding a child down a slide or wiping their nose. Is it really so awful if your children are sitting in front of her eating lunch, for instance?

This sounds like just the tip of a bigger iceberg.

MmeLindor Thu 24-Oct-13 19:01:15

I don't think that you are being unreasonable to question this, but I do think that even young children don't need to be watched all the time.

If she is only posting occasionally, and not long complicated updates, then I don't see the problem.

You should really cover this in your contract though. I'd have a word with her about using Social Media - also clear up if you are ok with her sharing pics of your DC online etc.

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