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is it okay for CM to leave children in her mini bus

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Bilpbip Thu 24-Oct-13 12:47:23

While she goes to the nursery door to collect more children?
It is about 150m and out of site of the road where the bus is.

I don't use this child minder even though she is the only one in our village as I didn't get on with her at interview. I'm now wondering if I am just over reacting about this? There are normally two very young toddlers left in the bus.

RockPaperScissorsLizardSpock Thu 24-Oct-13 12:48:40

I wouldn't want my toddler left unsupervised and out of sight, no.

Writerwannabe83 Thu 24-Oct-13 12:52:43

Why does she park so far away??

QueenofKelsingra Thu 24-Oct-13 12:53:47

if it was the parent, I would say it is their choice but as a CM, no I don't think she should unless she has cleared it with the parents. she is being paid to supervise the children, it is not her choice to make as to whether it is ok to leave them or not.

2tiredtoScare Thu 24-Oct-13 12:56:19

I wouldn't like it

Mummyoftheyear Thu 24-Oct-13 12:56:57


hettienne Thu 24-Oct-13 12:59:30

I believe as part of her registration the children have to be within her sight or hearing at all times - so this is not acceptable.

givemushypeasachance Thu 24-Oct-13 13:00:32

No; children must be supervised at all times and on a minibus out of sight is not supervised. If they aren't left with an assistant or other appropriate adult on the bus with them then that's breaching the requirements childminders have to meet - worth reporting to Ofsted. They won't necessarily be able to 'catch them in the act' but can turn up unannounced and do an inspection, which would involve discussion of supervision/school run procedures.

If the childminder doesn't realise they shouldn't be doing this then they'll be picked up on it - and if they know it's wrong but choose to lie about it, then maybe they'll change their way if they know it's been noticed. If not then at least it's on file as an issue and if the complaint is made again then it'll be pretty clear there's some dodginess going on.

Bilpbip Thu 24-Oct-13 13:00:47

She parks there because it is the only place to park. Not sure why she drives tbh as she only lives round the corner.

I don't know if the parents have given consent either. It was just irking me, so I'm not bu?

littlegem12 Thu 24-Oct-13 13:01:54

I wouldn't either. You have found out where the children are left, and roughly for how long on which days without her telling you.
Anyone else would probably be able to cotton onto this too if they were in the area regularly.

ouryve Thu 24-Oct-13 13:02:31


hettienne Thu 24-Oct-13 13:02:37

She can't leave children unsupervised even with parental permission.

2tiredtoScare Thu 24-Oct-13 13:02:40

Does she have too many children to safely control on her walk

NotAnotherPackedLunch Thu 24-Oct-13 13:03:01

No, YANBU. I'd be very unhappy if it was one of my children left in the minibus.

Goldmandra Thu 24-Oct-13 13:04:53

That's dangerous and completely against the rules.

DO you feel able to challenge her about it?

BackOnlyBriefly Thu 24-Oct-13 13:07:45

Maybe technically wrong, but if you're saying there's no other place to park what should she do. You do suggest she could walk, but how many children in all? Could one person properly walk them from A to B while keeping them all safely under control?

Also is van locked? See I'm thinking if a parent goes to the bathroom their kids are out of sight too so I'm not sure there can really be a law. In RL we compromise because we must.

atomicyoghurt Thu 24-Oct-13 13:07:59

No no no report to Ofsted please this is totally out of order. What if something happened to her whole she was away. There was a case a few years ago of two toddlers that dues in a car because their grandmother left them in the car while she went to get some cash but she had a heart attack on the way. The paramedics didn't understand what she was saying and she survived but the two children overheated in their car seats.
It's frightened me ever since.

Bilpbip Thu 24-Oct-13 13:08:26

I'm not confrontational at all!

This is a small village and it is every day when we all collect our kids at 11.30 from nursery.

She seems to have four or five kids. She recently broke her foot but is walking fine in a cast.

mrsjay Thu 24-Oct-13 13:09:53

she is probably breaking her contract and the law change CM bus for a private nursery bus it wouldn't be allowed, I only say Private nursery because a local one picks up at preschool and the staff trip out their charges and go with them

Bilpbip Thu 24-Oct-13 13:09:54

I noticed as I have interviewed her and didn't like her so perhaps I'm being judgy about it

hettienne Thu 24-Oct-13 13:10:04

BackOnlyBriefly - if a CM is unable to keep all the children in her care safe and supervised, then surely that just indicates she has taken on too many children?

If a CM uses the toilet at home she is still within hearing of the children, and only out of sight for a few minutes. Not comparable to this.

hettienne Thu 24-Oct-13 13:11:25

She is unlikely to be able to have 5 children under 5. Usually CMs are registered for a total of 3 under 5s.

mrsjay Thu 24-Oct-13 13:12:37

is it maybe her own children she is leaving ?

BackOnlyBriefly Thu 24-Oct-13 13:12:57

She recently broke her foot but is walking fine in a cast.

Oh do you think that could possibly be why she isn't walking and trying to look after all the kids while limping on a crutch?


hettienne Thu 24-Oct-13 13:14:36

Having a broken foot doesn't mean you get to stop fulfilling your obligations towards the children you are being paid to mind hmm

If she is too injured to do her job properly she either needs to hire an assistant or close.

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