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to be offended and angry with my employers?

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dobedobedo Wed 23-Oct-13 15:41:01

I'm 12ish weeks pregnant and two weeks ago I worked all week despite having a fever and a bad cold and bad morning sickness. I really wanted to be at home but there was no one else who could do my job and they put a lot of pressure on me to come in and stay in work.
The following Monday, I had cover. I still had wretched morning sickness and I was exhausted from the week before (and coughing which made ms worse) so I took the day off.

After that they informed me I wasn't getting paid for this. Despite the fact I've had time off work sick before and I have been paid.

My contract says I don't get paid if I'm sick, but I did some digging, and despite what my contract says, if I've been paid before I was pregnant, it's implied that I will be paid and if they don't pay me when I'm pregnant it's discrimination and not legal/allowed.

I raised this with my employers and they said that yes, they understand why I'm offended, especially as I worked the whole week before when I should have been at home and yes, what they did doesn't appear legal. But that the only reason I got paid before was because one of the directors "dropped the ball" and forgot to tell the other directors. And they will draw a line under it and not pursue me for the money they've paid me before "by mistake"!

It just sounds like bullshit to me. Yeah my contract says I shouldn't get paid, but that doesn't matter in a case like this.

Oh and my manager also told me that she thinks I was going to get a company car but I won't get one now that I'm pregnant. (I can't prove I was going to get a car though, but my contract mentions one!)

So I'm quite upset about all this. I work late, come into the office on weekends and don't ask for extra. I've worked every day (bar 1) even with bad morning sickness every day. And they're being so mean. I'm fucked off but I don't feel like there's anything I can do. Should I just get over it and accept that some bosses are just horrible?

sparechange Wed 23-Oct-13 17:12:06

Here you go - even ACAS produce a guide for how to properly manage the redundancy process for someone who is pregnant or on maternity leave.
Nowhere does it say 'pregnant women can't be made redundant'

CbeebiesIsMyLife Wed 23-Oct-13 17:14:45

I'm sorry sparechange I was generalising (badly). In the same way pregnancy cant be used as a reason for not making someone redundant, pregnancy cant be used as a reason for not paying maternity pay.

If it was paid before (and you can prove it wasn't by mistake) then a pregnancy related illness shouldnt stop them paying you.

Unfortunatly in this case Dobed cant prove that it wasn't a mistake.

CbeebiesIsMyLife Wed 23-Oct-13 17:15:24

not maternity pay, sick pay. sorry.

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